Now Sofia Hayat plans to sue Colors channel

British singer-actress Sofia Hayat, who has filed an FIR against "Bigg Boss Saath-7" contestant Armaan Kohli for hitting her on the show, now plans to also sue Colors channel which airs the reality show.

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British singer-actress Sofia Hayat, who has filed an FIR against 'Bigg Boss Saath 7' contestant Armaan Kohli for hitting her on the show, now plans to also sue Colors channel which airs the reality show.

At a press conference here, Sofia was asked if she thinks that the channel is wrong in not taking any action against Armaan despite having a "no violence" clause in the contract.

To that, Sofia said: "I didn't think practically that I should sue Colors also, I could see only Armaan Kohli. But yes, you are right, I will talk to my legal team also about this."

Sofia said after leaving the house, her only focus was to take action against Armaan and wants him to be taken out of the house. She filed a complaint at the Santa Cruz police station here Wednesday.

"My contract said 'no violence and no personal attacks'. I didn't think of this (suing the channel) before, but my next step will be this. Obviously, my number one priority is that Armaan is taken out of the house and he needs to be accounted for what he has done," she added.

Sofia was evicted from 'Bigg Boss Saath 7' last week. During her stay on the show, an argument broke out between her and Armaan which ended with Armaan hitting Sofia with a mop, leaving her hurt.

This part was not aired on television and host Salman Khan also reprimanded Armaan for his action.

Armaan has been in the spotlight for his temper on more occasions than one and he has been seen picking up fights with other inmates as well.

'Bigg Boss' requires celebrity contestants to stay locked inside an isolated house with several cameras recording the inmates' actions every second.

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Heart2Soul 7 years ago Well done Sofi, you are a star and an inspiration for all the girls. No matter what people say about her and her mental instability but the truth is she was harrased and abused and the fact that arman needs to learn his lesson. Only in India people can be so blind not to see that, shame on all those people.
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coolpd93 7 years ago arman is really very wierd and totally dominant..he must put in his place. its not lik everybody shud follow his orders..dunno what made thanisha fall for this man...go ahead sofia..he deserves it
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g00800 7 years ago Go for it Sophia Hayat. Armaan needs treatment.
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ChickenSoup 7 years ago armaan needs to be admitted to a mental hospital. that guy has no respect for other people.
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babelicious 7 years ago nautanki!
Armaan was wrong agreed, but then what did chamiya kushal do ?? why was no action taken against him for bein g violent in the house ? bloody double-standard ppl!!

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ghettogurl88 7 years ago Finally she might make a difference for other women in the country who always get abused.
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Dilwali89 7 years ago send her to mental hospital, seriously she has lost her marbles.
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Yuvika_15 7 years ago well colors will regret their decision of bringing her in2 BB7
she'll probs get told off for pushing armaan too...
armaan shud hav been evicted a long time ago...he's too abusive towards women...
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march2011 7 years ago I don't support violence,armaan should have been evicted long ago..maybe he is the ghar jamai but this sofia is kind of bizarre,her first statement was gauhar n khushal told her to file police complain now when the reporter ask her somethg she got another idea...she is a complete wierdo2013-12-14 09:01:28
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purvi_tvstarlet 7 years ago SOPHIA is trying to gain publicity now . i hos
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