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No surprise if 'Phantom' gets banned in Pakistan: Saif Ali Khan

Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan on Tuesday said it won't be surprising if his forthcoming film "Phantom", which touches upon Mumbai's 26/11 attacks, is banned in Pakistan.

Published: Tuesday,Aug 11, 2015 17:42 PM GMT-06:00
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Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan on Tuesday said it won't be surprising if his forthcoming film "Phantom", which touches upon Mumbai's 26/11 attacks, is banned in Pakistan.

His comment comes in reaction to 26/11 mastermind and Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's petition in a Lahore court, demanding a ban on the release of filmmaker Kabir Khan's political thriller in Pakistan.

The "Phantom" team organised a press conference here on Tuesday to address the issue.

"As far as Pakistan is concerned, I always thought that this film will be banned in Pakistan as there are certain topics which Pakistan bans without watching the film or without any review," Saif, whose 2012 film "Agent Vinod" was banned in the country too, said at a press conference here on Tuesday.

"We too have made films which have been passed in Pakistan. But those kinds of films are different. When there are films like this (Phantom), which have a realistic base, it's no surprise for me if this film is banned in Pakistan," the 44-year-old added.

"Phantom", which is slated to release on August 28, is based on author Hussain Zaidi's book "Mumbai Avengers" having the post 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and global terrorism in its background.

Kabir, whose 2012 film "Ek Tha Tiger", also on terrorism, was banned in Pakistan, but whose "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" has been lauded across the border, said: "Whenever there is a political backdrop in a film, there are chances that the film won't be screened there. That's the kind of relationship that we (India and Pakistan) share, as whenever we venture into a political backdrop, problems are created.

"But the issue today is not that, since they haven't even seen the film. The issue today is that we're really amused that a wanted terrorist has gone and filed a petition that we're spreading poison."

Kabir's other directorial, the Salman starrer "Bajrangi Bhaijaan", also faced issues over its release in Pakistan. However, it managed to receive a largely positive response.

"Bangistan" and "Baby" are some other films who were not allowed to be screened in Pakistan earlier this year.

"Phantom" writer Hussain Zaidi said: "This man (Saeed) is a wanted terrorist by US, UK, Australia and India. There are various issues going against Hafiz Saeed. He has not seen the movie, maybe he has seen the trailer, and still he wants to make issues representing Pakistan."

Apart from Saif, "Phantom" also stars Katrina Kaif, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub.

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exoLarmy 7 years ago @sourav101. Stop spreading hate! Ignorant people like you keeps the world from seeing peace. & What are you gaining from misinterpreting the Holy Quran? Do you see fellow Muslims interpret the Hindu holy books? No. So please respect Islam just as you would respect Hinduism and any other religion. All religions spread peace, not hate. If you consider yourself as religious then you shall take this into consideration and stop yourself from looking like an idiot.


<br/>PS. Report Tomb-raider as she is also seeking attention for bringing in politics and affecting other forum members.2015-08-12 05:22:30
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attiya1.3 7 years ago @sourav101...may God help you...because after reading your terrible reasons,these are only words that came to my mind
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hotchic 7 years ago @Saurav101 - I truly feel pity for you dear. Grow up please.First of all, have you ever read Quran once?
Secondly, Verse 9:29 of Surah at-tauba is probably the intentionally most misinterpreted verse of the Quran. It says "Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth".
Does this verse stop here? No it doesnt. It continues and gives the actual reason as to the fighting. This is the continuation: - "until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued"
PAYING JIZYA IS THE CONDITION FOR FIGHTING. YOU might say isnt it unfair that they have to pay the jizya tax?Since when is punishment for refusal to pay lawful taxes considered as terrorism?
Jizya tax is very cheap and affordable, and it grants the non-Muslims many benefits, benefits which even the Muslims dont get! For instance, the non-Muslims who are paying jizya in an Islamic state are not obliged to take part in any battle or war, unless they themselves choose to, the Muslims do not have this choice. Muslims have to protect both Muslims and non-Muslims living in their lands. Also if the Islamic state cannot grant protection to the non-Muslims then the non-Muslims are not obliged to pay the jizya tax, since Muslims themselves must meet expectations for the jizya tax to be implemented.
Also, Society today has no problem in paying taxes to the government, so therefore they should have no problem in paying a tax in an Islamic state either. This verse doesn't ask the Muslims to do mindless slaughter as the media portrays or deceives.It gives the Muslims the permission to fight only those non-Muslims who do not pay jizya " the state tax.
Jizya is applicable only in an Islamic state & India, USA aren't an islamic state. Well, our media is quite unfair.2015-08-12 03:38:06
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MS-meghasharma 7 years ago what's wrong in saif's statements. hafiz sayeed carries a bounty on his head and he is definitely one of the most wanted terrorist in the world even in un list. The FIA investigator of pakistan who investigated th 26/11 attacks himself accepted that yes some ppl in pakistan were responsible for that. moreover they are only saying that lakhvi & sayeed are terrorist no where have they said anything against pakistan as a nation. hafiz sayeed filing petition in the court for banning film is hilarious.
it's not a time to fight with each other but time to fight together against terrorism as it's the innocents who suffers in both the nation. these ppl are dangerous to pakistan as well and not just india because when they would go out of control i doubt they could be stopped w/o causing a lot of damage.
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TOMB-RAIDERR 7 years ago oh now you took religion into this issue that's main problem with pakies..religion is a shit thing in the world i know you people follow it madly like make yourselves mess...gujarat riots is internal issue not international issue 26/11 is a international people know very well about hafeez dog..whole world knows who surenered 90k soldiers to 7k indian army during 1971 and your dawn newspaper published fake news about people never understand the federal system and constitution...without india there is no pak...2015-08-11 21:58:09
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Quaint 7 years ago Most of you bashing Pakistan have no proof Hafiz Saeed was involved in 26/11 however despite clear proof against Narendra Modi you made him PM. So tell me who is a bigger terrorist? Narendra Modi the man who butchered Muslims in Gujrat or Hafiz Saeed who is only suspected of carrying out an act?
And for many of you Hafiz Saeed won the case in Supreme Court of Pakistan. He is a free citizen. As far as Saif is concerned he can shut the hell up.
@Tomb-Raider before you comment about other countries, why don't you look into your own back yard? What about Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh & etc.. Do you know about the atrocities of Indian Army? We know what you did in Bangladesh. We remember how you created Mukti Bahini, LTTE and we know what you are doing in Balochistan. You always sponsor terrorists and fund them in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and yet you cry from roof-top. Don't even start on genocide because the world knows how Kashmiris have been butchered since 1947 by Indians. You give us visa & better treatment? Are you day dreaming? Weren't you the ones who destroyed the pitch before the start of the test match in 1999? Weren't you the ones who threw bottles at Sri Lankans & Pakistanis in 1996 World Cup?
Did you not serve poison to our blind cricket team? What treatment are you talking about? And remember how you cheated during Kabbadi world cup finale? Thankfully International Kabbadi Organization disowned the entire world cup !!
Next time you open your mouth Tomb-Raider look into your back yard !!!
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TOMB-RAIDERR 7 years ago fellow pakies well wrote supporting comments and buzz unlike buttons of facts people enjoying indian shows and movies and hating indians so much like recently captured terrorist said true words about their daily FUN killing innocents...fake govt army ruling beggar state..follow hassan nisar , hamid mir words and face the reality don't end up like zaidu cannot survive on the basis of religion only.. who making silent genocide since 1947? what you people doing in balochistan ...1971 repeats be careful ...<br/>one paki nose talking about indians are idiots really?...that's why we gave visa and allowing you people for better treatment in india..learn something form afghans people2015-08-11 20:51:47
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Yuvika_15 7 years ago Yes 26/11 attacks were caused by some terrorists that belonged to Pakistan but surely to get through the border and into the hotel, they needed some assistance from within because you can't plan something so big without assistance from the insiders... so there are guilty parties on both ends.
terrorism is a global issue and you don't just find terrorists in Pakistan, they are all over the world...
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exoLarmy 7 years ago Wow. Some people on this forum are so ignorant and disgusting! I can't believe they are blind enough to brand everyone in Pakistan a terrorist. Why does bollywood love making money of labelling the whole of Pakistan as terrorists? Honestly, I really don't get it. And, as far are this Saif Ali Khan is concerned, well... I hope all Pakistani's stop watching all your films. You flop of an actor! & This film WILL be a flop just like his career.

@ All ignorant Indians. Thanks for making yourselves look even more idiotic.

I know not all Indians are like the ones who are commenting because I have many Indian friends and neighbours who are absolutely lovely! They are amazing people.
2015-08-11 15:54:05
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..FallAndFly.. 7 years ago I am Musilim girl,from Bangladesh.
So,i should have Double reasons to hate on Pakistan,be a Terrorist and ALSO be the Oppressed Bechari Girl.

Great.Thanks Internet.I know just what to do with my life now.

But wait,
India,BD,USA,UK,Pakistan,Israel,SA e.t.c Have dirty Politics.ALL.OF.THEM.
So,we should all get banned From the world And let the ALIENS take over:))

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