No Bold Scenes for Jasmin Bhasin!

Jasmin Bhasin won't do a bold scene ever!

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Actor Jasmin Bhasin, best known for her roles in Tashan-E-Ishq, Dil Se Dil Tak, is currently preparing for her role in StarPlus' upcoming show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji' where she plays the role of a young bubbly girl, Happy Mehra which is slated to go on from 15th January.

Jasmin has always done roles that challenge her as an actor. She says that she took up this role as it was very real and she just has to be herself. While she is playing a happy-go-lucky girl on the show, she says that she refrains from doing bold scenes, if offered. "I come from a family where I know my parents won't be comfortable if I get a bold scene on screen. And if I am not sure about certain things, I would rather not do it at all. So if ever offered such scenes, I won't do it."

Wow, now isn't that sweet. 

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Comments (13)

She won't do bold scenes for her so and so family but she can promote force marriage and romanticization of abuse. Wow! What a great way to get attention for your shitty show with your sati savitri act? Why you played homebreaker then in DSDT?

5 years ago

Jasmin Di you are really sweet. Aap real main dil ki saaf hain. And team_jasmin ese ghatiya logo ke muh nahi lagthe. Inko tho jasmin ki har post main comment karna hota hain. Inke favs ki toh post hi nahi aati. Issliye frustration nikal rahi hai

5 years ago

So people accept that they stalk our threads.. Good for you if you don't find certain scenes bold or feel that there is drastic difference between bold photoshoots and bold scenes. I feel it's hypocrisy that you keep posting bold pictures crossing the thin line of vulgarity on your social media, give interviews about how you wanted to do that for whatever reasons (I'm not judging her on that though, it's her choice what she wants to post), and then talk about not doing bold scenes. I just made a neutral comment on that contradiction, there was no need to play haters victim card and turn it into fanwar zone! I better not write here about what her fans say about the other actress in her previous show. Anyways, this is my last comment on this article.

5 years ago

No need for all these big lectures...and no one is gonna buy this generalisation
as to how a certain fan club is saint here..we also have an idea as to how that fanclub is...even 15
days back someone wanted to fight with me on a diff medium about this
shit when i was minding my business...and if people change their ids
now and talk like saint doesnt mean others wont recognise them and forget the
shit they spoke about RD on youtube(of course it will be denied)...
FYI everyone has their own likes and dislikes...we are free to choose
that..and post what we want to here in a public forum(its not an AT or a CC)...and sorry the romance with rohan was
bold and vulgar which of course the saint fan club wud deny...
and we never provoked any fandom here asking if we post about ur
fav or my fav...go and check who did that in the first place..we have
also seen the actress's previous work on TV and we commented what we felt
about it here..we dont need any moral lessons or permissions from
And RD/SS fans have their own valid reasons to dislike her for all the
unfair treatment metted out to them to glorify this actress in the
previous show...we also admired her once upon a time until we found a
reason not to...people who wanted to make it an issue shud peace out

5 years ago

It's an article posted in a public forum that is open to everyone to read and express their opinion.
If the actress makes stupid statements the article will obviously attract readers.. Her saying that she won't be doing bold scenes is like sou chuhe khake billi chali haaj ko. No one who has watched her previous show will believe what she is saying!

5 years ago

Lol...why not just admire your fav rather than stalk her haters comments every where and give indirects elsewhere! A article published on a public forum will be noticed by everyone! This article is not published in a AT or a CC to take permissions from people to comment on...
After doing many bold photoshoots and bold scenes in a show i myself watched previously if the actress says such contradicting statement it shows the double standards!!

5 years ago

Why should haters venture in every article of hers to comment? Do we comment on their favs articles? No??? Who mentioned their fav here? Nobody. We all made general statements and now if they feel their fav matters so much to us, then sorry. No one mentioned any of their favs here. They only need a chance to spew hate

5 years ago

So she has issues with doing bold scenes but is fine with doing bold photoshoots? Her statements during that shoot and this are so contradictory

5 years ago

chalo koi tho hai jo parents & values ki maan rakthi hai & not do anything & everything in the name of artistic expression/script demand/feminism/exploring new frontiers/'talent' dikhana & what not while the real intention is money & popularity.

5 years ago

This woman has my respect because of this decision of hers.

5 years ago

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