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Nishant Malkani to Angad Hasija, celebs share their favorite holiday destination in India

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined many travel plans, on World Tourism Day, which is observed on September 27, we asked a few celebrities to name their favourite travel destination in the country. Here's what they said:

Celebrity favoruites

Being a celebrity means you get recognized globally and there are millions of people loving and supporting you, but the best part about being a public figure is that you get to travel around the world. And who doesn't like traveling? But since the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined many travel plans, on World Tourism Day, which is observed on September 27, we asked a few celebrities to name their favourite travel destination in the country. Here's what they said:  

Delnaaz Irani: Yes, we travel a lot even for work and pleasure. There are places in India that are very beautiful. Our country is extremely exotic and beautiful and as far as places are concerned Gujarat, Kerala, and Rajasthan are so beautiful. But my favourite destination is of course Goa because I love beaches and I just love to go there and relax. Places in Rajasthan and Gujarat have a history behind and it makes the place so beautiful not only in a scenic way but the back story makes it so much more interesting. The nearest place to Mumbai, which I generally admire and go for a two-three days break is Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, which is like a mini hill station, very close to Mumbai, where you can get all the relaxation and all the fun. It’s a quick getaway from your routine.

Angad Hasija: My favourite destination would be Jammu and Kashmir because I feel that this is a destination that can beat any foreign country. Gulmarg is so beautiful, I have been there twice and t is not wrong to call it the Switzerland of India. Second would be Kerala, the beaches there are so beautiful and you won't feel that you are in India.

Meera Deosthale: I visited the place called "Heaven in India" Kashmir two years ago. We went for an outdoor shoot to Kashmir and I decided that when I grow old, this is the kind of place I would want to live my life. It was so calm, so beautiful and serene. The people over there were so warm and welcoming and I think this is everywhere in India because we believe in “atithi devo bhavah". I enjoy eating non-vegetarian food and the quality and taste of Kashmiri food was amazing.

Dhruvee Haldankar: I am a solo traveler and traveling is my most fond hobby. I have traveled to about 12 countries and 15 states in India. My most favorite places are Shimla, in the hills, and Goa, surrounded by beaches. I love to travel for the different cuisines and views of impressive, beautiful natural scenery.

Aashish Mehrotra: As far as traveling is concerned I have traveled to a lot of countries and various states in India. As a young kid, I have traveled to different states in India, but when I slowly started understanding things then I have traveled to Jammu and Kashmir, Goa, Darjeeling, Shimla. I have not been to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, yet. I have been to Gujarat, Rajasthan and amongst all the states I have traveled I loved Goa because that is one place where I can relax. I ease out myself, I love watching the sunrise and sunset, sitting on the beach and having my beer and just being there without my phone and enjoying the environment and the scenic view.

Vijayendra Kumeria: Undoubtedly there are so many beautiful places in India that are not explored. There are places about which people don’t even know, you have a wide variety of such places. I love traveling and always go to a new destination on vacation. The whole northeast is on my list but out of all the places that I have visited in India I think Kashmir and specifically Pahalgam is the most beautiful place. According to me, it truly is heaven on earth.

Rohit Choudhary: Being a celebrity and businessman we travel in India and abroad also. But when I started to explore India I felt there is no other country as beautiful as India. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are so many beautiful places and Kerala is really beautiful. I love wildlife so I travel to Jim Corbett, Rishikesh. If we travel in our own country then our tourism will increase and it will benefit our country. Spend your money in your own country so that the economy gets a boost.

Rajit Dev: Well I would say the best gift that comes with my profession is traveling around the world. Been lucky enough to travel to more than 35 countries. But I still feel there are a lot of places in India that are way more beautiful and serene. I fell in love with Kashmir, the beautiful snow peaks, the sound of the rivers, and the food there was just amazing. I am from Kerela, God's own country as they say. It truly is beautiful. The air hits you as there’s so much greenery around, the backwaters, waterfalls, forests, and the beaches are all so beautiful. I love Kerela food, that’s one thing I can’t live without.

Shamin Mannan: I love traveling, it’s my way of rejuvenating, if I don’t travel in two-three months I feel exhausted. If I get a break for even two days I would just take off to some nice place. India has a different culture in different states and that makes traveling more interesting and fun, I love exploring different local cuisines of different places and their culture and history. Also, I am a beach lover, I can just laze on the beach with a book the whole day, or play with the waves and swim in the sea. Saying that my all-time favourite destination is Palolem, it’s a paradise beach in South Goa, with some amazing beaches nearby and great Goan food. The best part is staying right on the beach in a beach hut. Apart from this, I had a great trip to McLeod Ganj, explored the mountains, little mountain villages, monasteries, people are so innocent in these small mountain towns. I had gone for an amazing trek up to the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas and camped out overnight, it was a memorable experience. Since I am an adventure freak I didn’t mind the exhausting trekking at all. My other favourite destination is Kashmir, a real heaven on earth. I had gone there for a shoot and also for vacations a couple of times. We were shooting in minus eight degrees, it was chilly and we were shivering like anything, nevertheless it was one of a kind of experience. I am originally from Assam, it’s in itself a beautiful travel destination with awesome food and vibrant culture, one of the many reasons Assam is known for is the Wildlife Sanctuary - Kaziranga. The elephant rides right in the dense jungles, spotting the big cat if you’re lucky, and the famous one-horned Rhinos is a treat.

Savi Thakur: I have visited many places in India like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Jaipur, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh, all these places are beautiful but to be very honest I would say visiting Himachal Pradesh gives me a feeling that I can't express in words. And Shimla is my favourite holiday destination. I get so much positivity as soon as I enter the capital of Himachal Pradesh. I love Shimla and I can go there anytime if you ask me to. Though there are other hill stations nearby, like Dharamshala, Kullu, and Manali, Shimla is something else for me.

Rishina Kandhari: There are so many hidden treasures in India, in fact, there are some places you wouldn't have even heard of but it will come as a total surprise to you. I went to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, during winters for a small holiday, and it was a delight to see those snow-clad mountains. I even did some skiing. Being a celebrity you get to travel around the world, but I would give up on any trip abroad for Manali. It was like the mountains were calling me. Also, since I live in Mumbai the chilly weather of Manali gave a very different feel.

Avinash Mukherjee: The beauty of India is unparalleled. That's why it is rightly said "Saare jahaan se accha Hindustaan hamara". From Kashmir to Gujarat, Kanyakumari, and the Northeast, there are such beautiful places that can make you fall in love with them. Having said that, I don't have a particular city that I love, but given an option, I would like to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar again and again. I first went there with my family and it was a different experience and feeling that I cannot express in words.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: Europe is my all-time favourite place but if we talk about India I have visited many places like Orissa, Shimla, Chennai but last December before COVID I visited Kutch as my uncle stays over there. I visited a temple over there and it was so beautiful and its specialty was its Prasad (Bhandara food), which is 24 hours available. They say if you haven’t seen Kutch then you haven’t seen anything yet and now I believe in this after visiting Kutch.

Saanand Verma: There is no other country as good as India. People who travel abroad for vacation, they should travel in their own country first. When I visited Africa and did the jungle safari then I did not see any tigers but when I visited the Ranthambore National Park I saw tigers. When I was shooting for the film 'Pataakha', I needed to lose weight and I used to go for a walk from Mount Abu to Guru Shikhar. There is one big bell and it is said that by ringing that bell all your wishes will come true. It is my favourite destination and I can go there as many times as I can.  

Nishant Malkani: I had a ball of a time when I visited Malaysia. It was a beautiful experience. But having said that, there is no denying that our country is no less than any foreign destination. There are such heavenly and majestic places that you need a moment to let it all sink in. But since I am a beach baby my favourite destination in India would be Goa. There is something about the atmosphere which gives you a very chilled out vibe and without any fear of being judged you can just unwind yourself. Moreover, watching the sunrise and sunset gives you inner peace.


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