Nimisha Vakharia in Hats Off's debut film, Khichdi..

Nimisha Vakharia will play the role of Jayshree instead of Vandna Pathak in Hats Off's movie Khichdi...

We all know by now that Hats Off Productions is working on its first big screen project, on the lines of their very popular television show, Khichdi.

Though majority of the cast seen in the TV show has been roped in for the film, Vandana Pathak who played the aspiring widow, Jayshree will not be seen in the film.

According tour source, "Nimisha Vakharia, who was last seen in Hats Off's Shree, will be playing the role of Jayshree in the movie".

An excited Nimisha Vakharia told us, "I am happy to be part of big screen. This is my first movie, and I got this offer from JD at the last minute. Vandana Pathak who played this role on television became a house-hold name, but I am playing the character in my own way".

Talking about comparisons that will be made, Nimisha states, "The script and the performances are so strong that people will hardly get time to compare as they watch the film".

On working with Hats Off, the actress quips, "I have been associated with the production house earlier. It's fun to work with them and I had a great time shooting for the film. It was a laughter riot".

The movie Khichdi is 40% complete, and the whole team of Hats Off plans to complete it very soon.

We tried calling Vandana Pathak, but she remained unavailable.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (13)

cant wait to watch this movie!

had loved Vandana ...lets see how nimisha fits in as jayshree

14 years ago

i loved vandana the best5....syhe was the best as jayshree!!!

14 years ago

gr8!....i jus love d way she says tusshar in BBAB....Hope she rocks in KICHDI

14 years ago

but i love vandana more.. coz no one else can be jaishree atleast :(
she was the bestestttttttt !!
and infact khichdi was the bestest how ever!!!!!!!!!! everyone wwas minddddddblowinggggg :D

14 years ago

lets give her a chance...but original is da best...vandana is really gud as jayshree..

14 years ago

Vandana is Jayshree...We don't want anyboby else.....Please get vandana to play the role....Please please please.....

14 years ago

Jayshree is the Best, No one can take her place !

14 years ago

Wow.......So excited abt movie Loved Khichdi alwayzzzzzzz :D Hope the do best on big screen too :)

14 years ago

why?? i liked vandana pathak better :(
i just hope they dont change hansa and praful!
but still looking forward to watch the movie...khichdi is one of my alltime fav shows

14 years ago

No ways!!!!

Vandana is Jayshree!!!!

14 years ago

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