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Nigaar Z Khan, Payal Rohatgi, Kamya's mother and Andy's mother in Bigg Boss 7!

Dhamakedar entries to be seen in the reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7....

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High on entertainment the popular reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 which airs on Colors, will witness some dhamakedaar entries in the show this week, which will make the contestants in the house happy.

Well we are sure that you all are wondering on how could the new entries in the Bigg Boss house make the contestants happy. Don't think much as we unfold the dhamakedar entries to you and the reason on why these entries will make the contestants in the house happy.

Read on to know more...

Yesterday we had reported that the drama queen and one of the contestants of  Bigg Boss 4, namely Dolly Bindra will be seen in the show soon this week.

Well it is not just Dolly Bindra but there are a few more entries too who will enter along with her in this season of the reality show. Our reliable source informs us about the other entries, "Just not Dolly Bindra but also Gauhar Khan's sister Nigaar Khan, Kamya Punjabi's mother, Sangram Singh's girlfriend Payal Rohatgi, who was also a contestant in one of the previous season of the reality show Bigg Boss along with Sangram's friend Yogeshwar Dutt who is wrestler too, and Andy's mother will be seen entering the house."

Furthermore our source elaborated saying, "All the new entries will be seen doing a task in the reality show."

These entries will surely make the contestants happy. Few days back we had seen during the Chor Police task the housemates had to give away a few items to Bigg Boss by which they could earn some additional points in the luxury budget task, and some housemates had given away Gauhar Khan and her sister Nigaar Z. Khan's picture to earn additional points. Gauhar was hurt due to this and was seen weeping all day since she was seen missing Nigaar very much. The entry of Nigaar Z. Khan will surely be a treat to Gauhar's eye.

Also Kamya Punjabi was seen fighting after the Commando Task got over, as she wanted to become the best performer after all the hardwork she did put in during the task, but eventually Tanisha Mukherjee and Sangram Singh were chosen as the best performers of the task. Kamya had thought that if she becomes the best performer of the house then she might get a gift through Bigg Boss house and maybe she might get to see her mother or her little daughter. But all her wishes were in vain. Well, now there is no need to worry for Kamya as she will finally get to see and meet her mother soon.

Same goes for contestant Sangram Singh who was waiting to meet his girlfriend Payal Rohatgi. Many a times he had even asked Payal Rohatgi as his wish while asking for something in the wishing wall. The wait for Sangram Singh to meet Payal Rohatgi also comes to an end today.

And finally Dolly Bindra who considers Armaan Kohli as her brother but has not spoken to him for the past 5 years or so might add some spice to the show as she has advice for all the contestants of the house. Also will she talk to Armaan again and start the friendship is something which needs to be seen.

Well it seems that happy days are back in the Bigg Boss Saath 7 house. This surprise will surely be like a dream come true for the Bigg Boss Saath 7 contestants. For more such entertaining news keep reading this space.

Krishma Solanki

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batuklaal 7 years ago Everyone should get equal chance. So why other contestants are not getting a chance to bring one family member too? This is not right. Ridiculous rules of Big Boss.
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Natkat 7 years ago Rekha sharmaOkay be happy that ur buddhiya gobars sister is coming to meet even after seeing her antics with kushal .Shameless sisters2013-11-27 06:56:12
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
rekhasharma 7 years ago The buddhy's family may not be interested in meeting her after what she is doing in BBHouse. The heejra's mom is coming. That should satisfy you!
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
Natkat 7 years ago Why should gohars sister come. She already met her mother once. Went out and came. She gets all the advantages. Totally unfair . HOw come now gobar fans dont find this unfair. If it was tanishaa or andy they would be screaming unfair on top of their lungs like gobar2013-11-27 04:04:51
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purvi_tvstarlet 7 years ago I AM WAITING FOR THIS EPISODE . <3 (Y)
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Divan_Sashona 7 years ago wat abt tanisha's family and Arman's gf?
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Ms.S.K. 7 years ago in rival site, it says Armaan's gf Tanya approached to enter BB. Andy's mum has been flown over from London.

That will leave Tanisha only without any family member visiting her
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samicute 7 years ago wow tht great news can't wait to see them
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jamb0ree 7 years ago instead of dolly, they shd hv gotten armans live in gf tanya
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MarkZingerBurgr 7 years ago wow excited to see Nigaar and Gauhar Khan together in BB house. Khan sisters Rox.
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