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Nia Sharma gets called out by singer Krishna Beuraa for mocking his song, Mein Jahan Rahoon

Recently, Nia posted a video of her singing the song along with her make up artist. The song has irked the singer and this is what happened...


Internet has it's boons and yes it has it's curses as well. While we are free to showcase our talent to the world out there, sometimes showcasing the talent backfires just like it did in the case of Nia Sharma. Our telly beauty who is enjoying her stint in Ishq Mein Marjawan recently got into a pickle when she brought to life her hidden talents of singing.

She put up a video on her social media account where she was singing a very popular creation of Himesh Reshamiya, Mein Jahan Rahoon from Namaste London. Along with her, her make up artist too was seen trying to punish the vocal chords.

Nia captioned it as, "We literally put our soul while singing this song we both love and sing everyday.. @cashmakeupartistry". As soon as the video went up to the social media, fans started sharing it and well, before expected, it reached it's singer Krishna Beuraa. It didn't go down well with him and he wrote, "Are they really trying to sing it?? Or making fun of Himesh Ji, Me and Rahat Bhai?? One thing I can bet that they will get vocal nodules. If they try one more time specially the green one ??".

Listen to it:

Courtesy : Instagram

Then in an interaction with SpotboyE, Krishna Beuraa very clearly expressed his hurt and said that NIa and her make up artist are not trying to sing the song but they are trying to make fun of it. He said that he respects Nia as a very good artist. Being into the same industry they mutually have to respect each other’s work. He said that being a singer, he can clearly make out that they are not trying to sing the song, but are making fun of it. The green T-shirt guy along with her is doing more caricaturist thing than Nia.

He went on to explain that he doesn't follow Nia on social media, so he wasn't also aware about it until and unless few of his fans sent him that video saying 'Sir, please see they are trying to mock the song' and it really pinched him. "Believe me it was so difficult for me and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also because Himesh Reshammiya has made that so high. In fact, today also whenever we perform that song in concerts it's not easy to sing. It's not only me, but our Gurus like Nusrat Sahab are also being disrespected. The lines that they are singing are not by Rahat, they are my parts which they are mocking,” said Krishna with hurt.

He further added that he has politely called out this act. He did not abuse or said anything wrong to them. He posted it because he felt bad about it. Nia's expression was still okay as she was smiling and all but his make-up artist was mocking it more. He said that he understands that the way we can sing, no one can sing and that's why we are singers, just like he can't act the way she acts as she is a good actor. But being an artist, she should not do this because it's a very very legendary song and not a random party song. It's an intense song and as he is associated with the song. He couldn't resist himself to put out.


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