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Nia Sharma apologizes to Devoleena for her 'personal' comments

She tagged Bhattacharjee and apologized to her as she crossed a line in being personal.

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The saga surrounding actor Pearl V Puri has invited divided opinions from the industry even though majority of them have been favoring the actor. One of them has been actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee who went on to slam everyone who was supporting Puri and giving their opinion.

To this, nobody else but actor Nia Sharma chose to respond in her own way. Sharma, with her usual wit and sarcasm went on to tweet to Bhattacharjee as she tweeted, “Didi ko koi bata do dharna and candle march nahi kar sakte pandemic hai abhi bhi. Also Didi needs to  practice her dance before she makes those pathetic dance reels thinking she’s nailing them.”

While this wasn't responded to/by Bhattachrjee, it seems that Sharma herself had something to say on her own comments. Sharma went on to recently tweet that her mother, her brother and Ravi Dubey, her co-star went on to tell her she wasn't right and as she considers these three close to her, they cannot be wrong. Following that, she tagged Bhattacharjee and apologized to her as she crossed a line in being personal. Her message read, "My mom, brother and Ravi very lovingly told me that I wasn't right and considering 3 close ones can't be wrong.. so here I go.. Hey @devoleena I may have crossed a line in being personal.. I'm sorry. It was impulsive. Hope you'll forget it."-

It is indeed rather brave and even great of the actor to not just acknowledge her mistake but apologize for the same too. We wonder if Bhattacharjee will have her own way of responding to it.

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EXOL 1 months ago the less said about the snob nia the shakal na akkal
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BarunPrabhasFan 1 months ago Even her apology proves she is just a airhead bitch. She hasn't realized calling names is worn, but 3 close people think she is wrong, she supposes she may have crossed a line, so apologizing. no remorse. stupid arihead
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JugniPH 1 months ago Not a fan of devoleena. But IF is extremely biased here. Earlier you guys put article on nia slams devoleena with twisted information about what devo said before and also no mention about the inhuman tweet of nia about the girl.

Devo reacted to so called nia's slam but IF editor didn't see it. Now when nia apologized you guys are up with another article.. wow..
Anyways devoleena accepted the apologies and also asked forgiveness from her side 😄😄
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bahi. 1 months ago Nia thinks she is so bold, smart and inspiring. But honestly she is just insecure person, who attacks others to lift herself up. She calls it being impulsive - but it's just immature behaviour. Honestly Idt she really wants to apologies. She did only because her close circle told her to do it.
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RadiantSpark 1 months ago Good that she has realized her mistakes because of her good friends.
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Sense9 1 months ago Okay so Devoleena’s response was much more witty. Nia’s hardly has any wit or sarcasm - it’s a plain troll comment.
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NotAMuggle 1 months ago Devoleena did reply to that dumbo's dumb attack (I don't agree that senseless tweet was a display of "wit") though.
Devoleena totally thrashed miss Nia & that's also in style! Otherwise this Nia is not someone to apologise voluntarily. Stalk Devo's twitter & write an article about it. Her responses were really witty.
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Ktptalks 1 months ago Good she realized her mistake and then apologize for it. Hopefully she will start to think from her brain.
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