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New 'Naagin 4' Promo Teases Not One But Two Naagins

The ante has been upped yet again.


The massive franchise that is Naagin continues to churn out one new season after the other, and this couldn't have been more obvious by the fact how the teaser promo of Naagin 4 was aired even before Naagin 3 aired its finale.

And as we know, the process towards the casting, writing and other things for the fourth installment of Naagin has already been in full force, creator Ekta Kapoor presented yet another teaser promo of the upcoming season a while ago.

In this promo, the ante continues to be upped as one would anticipate but it is about the challenge of somehow still making the show explore a certain freshness to the already seen concept is what is needed to be seen. But things are made clear that yet again, the fourth season will have two Naagins on the forefront as they will be responsible for each other and will need to have each other's backs on whatever challenges they face.

And of course, at the end of the teaser, we see what the fight has always been about - Naagmani-

Courtesy : Twitter

These teasers, as always are amazing and do their job of continuing the excitement and buzz surrounding the show. But the main curiosity and full-fledged talk have always been about who will the NEW Naagin be. We are sure there will be several names popping up here are there but only time will tell.

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magicalM 4 months ago Fed up of all Naagins . time to check new gener
emptyhand20 4 months ago They should cast Varun Kapoor for the male lead role in Naagin 4
emptyhand20 4 months ago Season 1: Story of a born Naagin who left Naglok, turned into human to be with a born human male lead. Season 2: Story of a hybrid Naagin with a born Naag male lead. Season 3: Story of a Naagrani with a born human male lead. Season 4: Story of a Naagin and a born human male lead who choose to become a Naag, give up his human life to be with the Naagin.
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