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New Entries in Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni!

Leap, new entries and major twists & turns..sums up the next few weeks for Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni

Published: Wednesday,Nov 07, 2007 09:15 AM GMT-07:00
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Yet another show follows the trend of taking a '20 year leap' to carry the story forward.

Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni.. Star Plus' prime time show, began with the story of Sudha, her love for music and her journey through life's ups & down to fulfill her dreams. Sudha meets Raj, falls in love with him, and life is beautiful. A different story that began on a fresh note, with music as the backdrop. But alas, it succumbed to the 'love triangle' & 'misunderstandings' syndrome, and now its all set to take a 20 year leap!

Currently the track revolves around Sudha's life and hardships, after Raj throws Sudha out of his home & life. Sudha is hurt, alone & pregnant. Sudha finds support and happiness amongst complete strangers, and life looks up for Sudha when she gives birth to a baby girl. But this is not the end of struggles for Sudha, as life takes another turn and takes her into a household, filled with strangers...

With a leap, fresh new faces & new characters are introduced. The story will now shift focus from Sudha and concentrate on the new family and its members. What remains to be seen, is how the story takes a turn to blend in the old with new. When and how does Sudha's past come knocking at her door.. What does fate have in store for Sudha?

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Joining the cast of Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni is Ritu Chaudhary Seth (Shobha of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) in an important role. We spoke to Ritu to find out more about the story and her character..

How is it to be back in television after a long time? "It feels great, I have not worked for nearly 1 year now.. Meri Awaaz is an established show, and the fact that I will be playing a fresh and new character, and not filling into anyone else's shoes attracted me to take up this serial." Tell us about your character? "I play Sunita Bajaj, who is the foster mother of Roshni. She has had a series of miscarriages in life, and later gives birth to a still born, and this is where her loving husband, Prakash gives Sudha's new born to Sunita. Sunita is made to believe that this is her kid, and Sunita is ecstatic. Prakash later gets Sudha into the house as the kid's caretaker. Sunita is a very caring mother to Roshni, she is very possessive about her. The conflicts between Sudha and Sunita start later, when Sunita gets to know that Sudha is Roshni's real mother."

How long is the leap going to be? "As far as I know, it is a 20 year leap and Roshni will be in her teens." So who is the star kid playing Roshni? "I have no idea."

Another important character in the show is Raj Rani, being played by Daljeet Kaur. This is what she had to say about her character..

"I play Raj Rani, the matriarch of the family. She is a strict, authoritative lady, with very strong viewpoints. She believes a lot in family values and customs. She is very fond of her grand daughter Roshni, but her life takes a drastic turn when she finds out that the apple of her eye, Roshni is not her blood."

Hopefully, the leap along with its new characters, twists & turns will carry the story forward and bring in the added and much required zest to the show. We wish the team of Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni, all the very best! 

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ekta

Ritu Chaudhary

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ta33 15 years ago The show is becoming like the others.

It has lost its uniqueness..
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weeda 15 years ago thanks for giving us this information plz keep posting tonce agian thanks
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pomegranate 15 years ago Hmmmm... why the heck did MAkmR take a leap??? it will be funny to see playing a mom of a teen
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
neha28 15 years ago sudha will be a mother of a teen....WAT...

show's lost its touch..
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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Fazila~ 15 years ago hmmm........why a leap????when will sudha sing???
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angels_eyes 15 years ago not a leap -- i was hoping they would show us how sudha will face the world now she has a baby girl

the story sounds like the story of the movie dil kya kare
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Rah_HuJu 15 years ago not one more show taking a leap!it just begun!
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--Pinky-- 15 years ago why the leap thats not good.
thanks for the article
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CarulinaTina 15 years ago Oh no, not a 20yr leap :( This isnt good news.. i wish they wud have taken a shorter yr leap so we wudnt have to see Sudha old.
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