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Neha Saxena thanks her stars for her discovery..

Debutant Neha Saxena of Star Plus’ new show Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai is not just happy but also extremely grateful for her serendipitous discovery.

Published: Wednesday,Aug 05, 2009 16:03 PM GMT-06:00
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The petite actress Neha Saxena, was discovered by Director Shahi Mittal during one of his flight trips and that opened the doors of television world to her. She debuts with Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, launching on August 5th at 8.30 PM.

Neha Saxena thanks her stars for her discovery..
Neha tells us, "I feel I am destiny's child. I was born and brought up in a small town – Agra. Yet my family supported me and helped me fulfill my dream to become an air hostess. And during one of my work trips, Director Shashi Mittal spotted me, just like that! He asked me to turn in for the auditions. And when I got selected I knew that life certainly is taking me to a whole new place."

Neha never had to regret about making such a drastic change in her career. She tells us in a matter of fact way, "The airlines industry is going through a very bad phase. And I, as a part of that industry had to share the burden of its losses. This is why I'm doubly happy about changing my field of work. The opportunity couldn't have timed itself in a better way."

After hopping around the world as an air hostess, doesn't Neha feel restricted within the confines of a studio? Calmly she replies, "For two years I had been visiting different parts of the world.  When acting as a career was offered to me, I found it far more exciting. It could probably be because I had experienced the joys of going around the world for two years and subconsciously was in search of a change". She further adds, "In the studio, I have made friends with my co-stars who are just like me, total freshers. We get along very well. I've found my comfort place in this new world.

Neha plays Dhaani, protagonist of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai. The show traces her tackling of life; right from the comforts of innocent youth to the baffling hardships put out by cruel destiny.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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saumzi @saumzi 14 years ago srry...bt i h8 d show n havnt watchd a single epi coz it hs replaced kis desh....n im gonna boycott all sp shows except kis desh....no1 can eva replace our PREMEER!!!!!
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Marya @Mazzy101 14 years ago ths show is kinda good! i think tht she is really pretty! i love kis desh more though!
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cindrella_fairy @cindrella_fairy 14 years ago aditi gupta is much better than neha saxena and love kis desh mein hai meraa dil.
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Neha @Neha-92 14 years ago oh you might be destinys child but we are going to make sure your show shuts own VERY soon... so maybe you should already start looking for a new show if you dont want to change your career again!!
sajan ghar just sucks big time!!!
kis desh mein hai mera dil- BEST show ever!!!!
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toothbrush13 @toothbrush13 14 years ago Wow, some of you are truly so mean! I understand you may be upset about your favorite show being moved to a different time, but seriously, it's time to move on. This girl didn't make them move KDMHMD, so why are you being so mean to her? That was the channels decision, and they probably replaced it because it was getting old and not drawing in enough viewers. It may have been a wonderful show, no doubt about it, but you people don't have to behave in such an ugly manner with this young lady who hasn't even done anything to you! Where have manners gone?
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cindrella_fairy @cindrella_fairy 14 years ago Neha u might be good looking for old people who is interested in ur boaring show because no youth will watch it and u r not good looking as Aditi(Heer) and dont try also to take aditi's place i just hate your show and didnt watched single episode and not even going to watch still love kis desh and watching in afternoon slot infact due to your show i m not watching any show of star plus except kis desh.
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-Ashoo- @-Ashoo- 14 years ago what a yawnfest, dont feel so luck yet! ur show gonna flop!
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virgo princess @best_punz 14 years ago we love kis desh mein hai mera dil too much to like ur show ..we hate it even if v dont wanna!!!!
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Rukhsar Ahmed @ruky786 14 years ago no i dont think so i kinda think this drama looks interesting
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desichica @desichica 14 years ago sorry girl....but you have no place in our hearts...b/c it was already taken by Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil....a show that Star Plus so unprofessionally took away its slot for a sad pathetic piece of show like yours.....nothing against you personally just your SHOW....that has NO originality!!!1
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