Neha Saxena suffers bruises on her fore arm...

Neha Saxena aka Dhaani's fore arm turned black and blue when she was shooting for an action sequence..

The lead of Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, Neha Saxena aka Dhaani recently got injured while shooting for an action sequence.

According to our source, "Neha was shooting a scene where a bad guy tries to take advantage of Dhaani. It so happened that Neha's co-star who was playing the bad guy got so much into the skin of the character that he held her hand rather stiffly in order to get the shot right. Though they did manage to get the shot absolutely right, at the end of it Neha was shocked to see that her forearm suffered few bruises and it had turned black and blue".

When asked Neha, this is what she said, "It's a minor accident. Such things do happen. Actually I had noticed that I had got some bruises, and had asked my co-actor to be careful. He was really apologetic about it, but the real shock came when the shot ended. I removed my bangles, and I saw that my forearm was swollen and the wound had turned black and blue. I took proper medication and applied ice packs, and thankfully it looks pretty fine now, and I am ready for my next shot".

Well, all we can say is that there's no gain without pain…

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she is n luks delicate...well thanx 4 the news

14 years ago

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