Neha Harsora, aka Sailee of Udne Ki Aasha, says, "In real life too, I am similar to Sailee" 

In the recent intriguing track of Udne Ki Aasha, Sailee embodies the power of women, demonstrates the meaning of self-worth, and sets an example for other women to express their opinions. Read on to know more.

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Courtesy : Neha Harsora, aka Sailee of Udne Ki Aasha. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Star Plus is venturing into new territory with its latest show, "Udne Ki Aasha," featuring Kanwar Dhillon as Sachin and Neha Harsora as Sailee. "Udne Ki Aasha" tells the story of Sachin and Sailee, exploring the complexities of their relationships and dynamics.

Set against a Marathi backdrop, Star Plus presents "Udne Ki Aasha," which tells the story of a wife facing challenges due to her uncooperative husband and her efforts to change him for the betterment of their family. Kanwar Dhillon plays Sachin, a taxi driver, while Neha Harsora portrays Sailee, a florist engaged in various small businesses to make a living.


Viewers will see Sailee uncover a devastating truth about her marriage, which shatters her world. Despite her heartbreak, Sailee resolutely chooses to stand up for her self-respect. She decides to fight against the injustice done to her, embodying the strength and power of women. Sailee’s journey highlights the importance of self-worth and sets an example for other women to voice their opinions. It will be intriguing to watch Sailee's next steps and how she navigates this challenging situation.

Neha Harsora, aka Sailee from the Star Plus show, shares, "Sailee is going through emotional turmoil, knowing about the reality that has turned her world upside down, but at the same time, it is important for Sailee to take a stand for herself and voice out her opinion. Sailee is an independent woman, and it is important for women to be independent and know how to tackle every situation tactfully. Sailee exudes confidence in herself and sets an example for other women to express their views. In real life too, I am similar to Sailee; I believe in voicing out my beliefs, being independent, and taking a stand for myself. My mother has always inculcated in me the qualities of a strong and confident woman. I am indeed taking inspiration from the women who are facing obstacles in their lives yet fighting back all the obstacles with self-confidence, and I am in turn exhibiting these qualities for my character of Sailee in the show Udne Ki Aasha. Stay Tuned"