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Neha Bhasin's husband opens up on her closeness with Pratik Sehajpal

Bhasin's husband, Sameer Uddin opened up on the same along with Bhasin's game and other things.

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Neha Bhasin Sameer Uddin

Bigg Boss OTT continues to invite interest gradually and with the television version all set to be rolling next month onwards, it is good news for the contestants in the OTT version indeed.

So far, there have been shocking eliminations in the show and several moments as well but one of the talking points so far has been the growing closeness of contestants Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin.

Now, in an interview with ETimes TV, Bhasin's husband, Sameer Uddin opened up on the same along with Bhasin's game and other things.

Talking about Bhasin's game so far, Uddin said, "Neha is fierce and strong as a person but at the same time she is also very emotionally vulnerable to the core, so, I was a bit anxious when she agreed to go for Bigg Boss. The first week went fine, I was a bit worried in the second week but now it seems like she has found her center and I am thoroughly enjoying her game."

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About the closeness, Uddin said, "It's only when the contestants entered the house, they were told that this will be a game of connections. Bigg Boss made it clear that the strongest connections will make it to the end. You are locked up in a house isolated from every possible figment of the outside world and interactions. Then you are forced to be with one person as a connection almost all the time, it is but natural that you are "one connection" will be subjected to all emotions like love, hate, anger etc. and it is not just them. You can see all the other contestants feeling the same on variable degrees. I see Pratik and Neha acting like a bunch of high school kids who compete, squabble, fight, flirt, tease, prank each other. When needed they also help each other with perspective and support and heart to heart talks. People who know Neha closely, they know that this is exactly how she is in the outside world too."

When asked about who he thinks are the strongest contestants, he said, "I do feel the strongest are Nishant and Muskan. It almost feels like Nishant went to a Bigg Boss training academy. He knows the format well and has the presence of mind, wit and balance. Neha is new to this world, so she does operate from an emotional stand point and so does Pratik at times. But then this game has its own way of selecting its winners and I am no authority on this as I have never watched Bigg Boss before."

We are sure Bhasin's fans would like to see her in the televised version of Bigg Boss as well.

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