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Neha Bagga, Jasmine Avasia and Sehban Azim in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya!

Is a love triangle on the cards?


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It is said that having a sister is like having a best friend who will always stand by you, whatever you do. But what happens when your sister starts developing a liking for your boyfriend?

Similar is the case with Vani (Neha Bagga) and Anya (Jasmine Avasia) who fell in love with the same boy.

The upcoming episode of the show will revolve around two sisters- Vani and Anya. While Vani will be seen as the the ideal elder sister, Anya will be more spontaneous who will believe in living in the moment and making the most of everything in her life. 

The story will progress when Anya will join College and her freedom will come along with a set of strict rules and restrictions from her father that will include a disregard to dating, not indulging in late night parties and strict deadlines.

Things will change when Samar (Sehban Azim), Anya's classmate, will ask her out for a date. Though Anya will develop a liking towards him, she will feel helpless and tied down about the fact that she cannot go out with him because of the restrictions. Samar, on learning this, will suggest Anya to bring along her sister, Vani for a date. This is when all the three bond and have some great time over dinner.

There could be a twist in this tale. Will both the sisters end up falling for Samar? Will there be a fight between the two sisters over Samar?

A source from the sets said, "Yes, Vani too will develop liking towards Samar but who will win Samar's love is something the viewers need to wait and watch!

Stay tuned to watch the episode on May 29!


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nedhvik-91 5 years ago Neha Bagga ...m very excited to watch u in Pyar tune kya kiya...!!!
plss be back soon in a serial love u my princessHeart
nami9j 5 years ago Love u Neha Bagga .. waiting to watch this episode.. missing u lots dear.. come back soon on screen in a new show as female lead.. love u lots..
DushtKanya 7 years ago OMG Aditi looks like Sohail Khan! xD No offense!
mehak_kapoor 7 years ago What has happened to Aditi's smile?? Camera can play ugly tricks sumtimes
mysticgoryfilms 7 years ago Oh Sushant's in this one? A movie adapted from a book of Chetan Bhagat's, directed by Abhishek Kapoor, and produced by UTV (?). Must say, he's doing well for his debut.
adoremevirgo 7 years ago i hv read the book...its nice...will wait for the movie
AASUS 7 years ago All the best KPC team :) Sounds interesting.
Na1na 7 years ago really lyk amrita...
n all d best aditi!
stefanandre 7 years ago Looking forward to seeing Sushant Singh Rajput as Ishaan on the big screen. Love and miss you Sushant
RBAA 7 years ago Sushant Wish you all the best for your movie. May God bless you.
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