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Neelam Sivia and Aashish Mehrotra on Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Siyapaa Ishq Ka

"My character of a jath boy is very challenging." - Aashish Mehrotra


Bindass' Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Siyapaa Ishq Ka will feature Neelam Sivia and Aashish Mehrotra as a couple fighting to make their relationship a success.

Aashish will play a punjabi jhath on the show who aspires to become an actor. Situations will take a major turn when he falls in love with a girl (Neelam Sivia) whose personality will be contrary to him.

A source informs, "Jath boys are rough in speaking but are very emotional beings. Coming across such a personality, the girl will find him rude and way too practical. Initially, she will dislike him but on knowing his nature she will develop feelings for him. The story will progress to them getting into a relationship and fighting to make their relationship a success."

When we contacted Neelam, she asked us to call her later.

Aashish said, "I am very excited to essay this role as I do not portray a cliché positive or negative character on the show. My character of a jath is challenging as I have to showcase my emotional side and at the same time be rough in my dialect. I am in talks for a few daily soaps too but nothing is finalized as of now."

Keep reading this space for ore updates!

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Az07 2015-06-13T23:41:42Z Neelam sivia is a fabulous actress
Loved her as Anika in KHTV 2 & as Sheetal in love by chance
Hope to see her soon in a good show
renukadanad 2014-03-27T22:19:01Z
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yam29 2012-07-23T23:29:45Z I don't really like size zeros. It seems unnatural. I think Sonakshi Sinha has the best body. She is not fat but she is not a size zero.. Woman need to have flesh, thats what makes them beautiful.
..Roopal.. 2012-07-22T11:47:25Z well for me priyanka has the best body in b'town
but from the above nominations my vote is for bebo ofcorse
she was killer in tashan
Mohabbateinn 2012-07-22T11:24:43Z IMO, Deepika Padukone has the sexiest body in bollywood right now.. than Katrina Kaif ! Kareena is a blob head and a stick with botox. However, I also love how Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan have these voluptuous bodies which represent the true Indian women:)2012-07-22 11:23:28
Billu-Maamma 2012-07-22T02:51:32Z whatever but i prefer katrina kaif from all these ladies...
..nisaluvrk.. 2012-07-22T02:22:18Z my vote to aishwarya rai...she lukd really sexy in dhoom...!!!
i like kareena more now wid a lil weight on her body...she luks beautiful now...
cs-07 2012-07-21T20:55:29Z katrina had a cabbage diet - what a role model :o
|Persephone| 2012-07-21T20:22:30Z I think Kareena definitely gets my vote out of all these fine ladies!
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