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NDTV Good Times announces the launch of John Abraham: A Simple Life

A sneak-peek into the Bollywood Superstar’s life…

Ever wanted to live the life of your favorite Bollywood superstar? Ever had the urge to learn what kept them grounded in spite of the stardom and huge fan following they enjoyed? Did you ever wonder who your favorite superstar admired and looked up to for inspiration? India's premiere lifestyle channel NDTV Good Times will give Bollywood fans an exclusive opportunity to get a sneak-peek into the life of their favorite Bollywood heartthrob, former model and producer - John Abraham, with its new show John Abraham: A Simple Life.

The channel announced the 4 part series today at The Westin Goregaon, Mumbai. The series will showcase a never-seen-before journey of the country's leading Bollywood celebrity. It will take viewers into the personal space of John Abraham, the superstar, the actor and the producer; giving them an opportunity to delve into John's personal life.

The audience will get a chance to know their superstar's personal life, behind the makeup and the flash lights. Viewers gets to experience candid moments - in between breaks on a shoot, getting ready for a meeting, interacting with fans, promotional tours, workouts and his 'me time' at home with a loved one! Just like any other urban Indian, John Abraham too needs to put in extra hours, brave the traffic and earn the success he enjoys.

Announcing the four part series Arati Singh, Channel Head, NDTV Good Times said, "NDTV Good Times aimsto attract a wider audience and does so by constantly innovating its programming to reach out to generation Y. Given our renewed focus on content for the young and young at heart, we are very excited to present John Abraham: A Simple Life. The show gives the viewers a sneak peek into John Abraham's life and brings the Bandra boy closer to his fans, for the first time on Indian television."

Taking about his new show with NDTV Good Times, John Abraham says, "I'm really excited to be part of this initiative on NDTV Good Times. I've personally always backed and encouraged show with fresh and original content. NDTV Good Times have programs with out-of-the-box concept with something different to offer to tele-viewers. John Abraham: A Simple Life, a 4 part series, will take my fans on a journey of what I am like on and off camera."



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sweet_angel27 6 years ago Omg yay! I love john abraham and I'm glad they came up with something to show us his personal life cause I feel like fans don't get to learn enough about his life behind the cameras.
white-heat 9 years ago I wish SLB would cast Abhay in one of his movies - it would be an interesting combo - but I guess Abhay doesn't wanna work in those types of movie :(
KaSu4Life 9 years ago another flop man

whats up w. all the high profile directors...casting this flopass guy abhi? something fishy

anyway....SLB please dont make the mistake of casting him ...u have already had two flops in the last two years n u still known as one of the best directors....but the third flops will take that title away from you. choose your actors and actresses wisely....ur in danger.

please CAST SALMAN....w. out him u wont have any hits at all.
Shipra_S 9 years ago who wants to watch an Abhishek starer?Stern Smile
Stark_Wolf 9 years ago Abhishek bachan huh.......
Jo Aaj tak koi bhi single hit nahi de pai hai........
Jenifer. 9 years ago Oh, come one. Abhishek? Out of all the people in the world, Abhishek???
^orpita^ 9 years ago lolllzzz this guy didnt do well for a long time :P ppl hyped him :P he is a complete copy cat :P thats what he does better .. luckily few of his films (copied ones) did well ppl starts thinking he is sth bla bla .. but this is his reality!! good for nothing :@
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