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Nazar: Mohana Hatches a Evil Plan; Aditya Goes Missing!

Nazar is geared up for multiple twists...


Star Plus’ Nazar is taking a dramatic turn in every recurring episode. Starring Monalisa, Niyati Fatnani and Harsh Rajput in the lead roles, the recent episodes of the show introduced Ansh’s twin brother Karan. In the show, Karan wants to bring back his wife and son from the stone form they faced because of Piya’s mother Divya. 

Karan successfully brings back his wife and son by making Piya and Aditya stone, followed by a fight between Ansh and Karan. From what we hear, after intense hard work, finally, Piya and Aditya will become normal whereas a new problem awaits them.

About the upcoming track, we have heard that Ansh and Piya want to know that how does Aditya behave when he is kept with normal kids of his age. For this reason, they send him to daycare from where Aditya goes missing. A panicky Ansh goes everywhere to search his little one, it is also assumed that Mohana is behind this. But in a shocker, it is Aditya himself who uses his powers to run away from the daycare. Finally, Aditya is found and the Rathod family decides to tie a magical locket in Aditya’s neck to keep his powers in control.

Furthermore, Mohana attacks Ansh and he falls down from a skyscraper. It will be interesting to see how Ansh will protect himself from Mohana’s evil plans.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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