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Navin Prabhakar: People don’t expect me to be funny all the time

Navin Prabhakar talks about his serious side as a comedian.

Published: Wednesday,Dec 28, 2022 12:07 PM GMT-07:00
Updated: Wednesday,Dec 28, 2022 12:06 PM GMT-07:00
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Navin Prabhakar

Actor- comedian Navin Prabhakar will have you splits within minutes of his stand-up act. But otherwise, he says, he has a serious side too. He says that while he loves to keep it very funny during his acts, otherwise he is not someone who is cracking jokes all the time. 

“Mimicry is my strength or USP. So I always tried to capture the audience in a few minutes through this. But otherwise, I have a serious side as well, which I display when I am not working. So, people don’t really expect me to be funny all the time as I don’t allow them to have such expectations,” he says.

Talking about his profession, he says, “Well, like any other profession, this profession has both sides - best and the very best. So, the best part is you always have to be creative about your every new show wherever it may be; locally or abroad!”

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He adds, “If you don't write a new segment or a new setup, people won't accept you and I do it in every show. Sometimes you have to be aware about the place and the trend and the local socio-political status.”

However, he is very careful while preparing his material. “I don't touch sensitive subjects like cast, creed, colour or political subjects or any person. I think, without these subjects, we can make people laugh easily so why waste time on unwanted things?” he says.

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