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Natasha Rana's sunny days are gone...

Natasha Rana who was apparently the reason for disharmony on the sets of Star Plus' Bidaai is at last out of the show... Whether or not the lady gets to play a second innings is to be seen...

Published: Wednesday,Sep 30, 2009 16:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Natasha Rana's
character in Rajan Shahi and Star Plus' Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai turned overnight from being the very positive one to the lady with an evil mind. What's more she is out of the show as for now!!

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With this ends the politics that the lady was apparently playing on the sets. Recently a report came out, which talked of a certain verbal clash between the seniors in the show, Seema Kapoor and Natasha Rana. It was reported that the two ladies had an argument after Natasha had replaced the name of Seema with hers outside a particular vanity van. It was also reported that things went so bad between the two that it had taken the Producer Rajan Shahi to intervene and give a dressing down to Natasha.

According to our reliable source, "This was one such problem that came to the notice of the media. But the bigger picture is that Natasha had problems with Seema Kapoor from day one. In fact, Natasha's mind games have apparently put her into problems wherever she has worked. This is not the first time that she has got a severe reprimand from the production house. This had happened earlier when she was part of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan too. She created unpleasant situations on the sets, which eventually had forced the production house and Zee TV to throw her out of the show. The same happened in Balaji Telefilms when she was part of their shows".

On the sets of Bidaai, it is heard that she had tried to create disharmony amongst actors, and had even created a sort of groupism. "She would always try to instigate one actor against the other, and everyone from the production house to the channel was aware of this. In other words, she created lots of negativity on sets for no reason at all. In fact, there arrived a time when not many actors would prefer to sit with her during the break and have a casual chat", says the source.

It is also heard that the Producer Rajan Shahi had warned her some four months back. But, Natasha had promised to mend her ways then, and be cordial to everyone on sets. "However, this did not happen and her games continued. She has never been in talking terms with Seema Kapoor. In fact, Seema is a thorough professional who usually sticks to her work and goes home. But she too had got livid when the vanity van issue had happened, and had apparently brought it to the notice of the production house ", adds our source.

We called Natasha Rana who however, rubbished the entire thing. "That's all bulls***. Allotting vanity vans to actors is the work of the production house. Why will I end up doing their job, tell me?", she asked us.

When asked about her rapport with Seema Kapoor, Natasha had to say this. "See, you cannot be close to everyone on the sets. Also, I don't seek work in serials to make relationships. I have a 'Hi' 'Bye' relationship with Seemaji, Alokji and Vibhaji, while I am pretty close to Kinshuk and Angad. You cannot expect a person to be friendly with all, isn't it?", stated the actress.

She continued, "I respect everyone on the sets, whether it be the light man, spot boys or the actors. I have had a healthy rapport with the production house too. What is the need for creating an unhealthy atmosphere on sets?"

Ask her whether Choti Maa is out of the show now, and she quickly says, "No, we have not shown a culmination as regards this. I have been told that I will be needed after a month and a half".

While Natasha claims innocence, Seema Kapoor hinted that if anything, she only reflects the attitude thrown to her by Natasha. She says, "Yes I don't share a healthy relation with her but I don't interfere in the lives of people. I'm a very professional person. If at all I have a problem on the sets, I will put it forward to the producer."

We tried calling Rajan Shahi and even sent him a text message, but he remained unavailable for a comment.

According to our source, "As for now, Choti Maa is out of the picture. So all is well. If the script demands her comeback later on, there is every possibility that Natasha will be brought back".

Well, only time will tell whether Natasha will indeed get a second inning son the show after all this, or not!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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shivanibharti.2008 13 years ago all r just fooools n idiots except younger actors mama ji........
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luv_sakshi 13 years ago That was hard hitting! Not sure how far its true though...just hope team gets over the tiff if any..n comes back to being a screen as well!

Thanks for sharing!
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leharmasti 13 years ago may b bidaai is TRP's goin down jus 4 publcity..
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ffern022 13 years ago It is nothing but bull. Just a few days ago we all heard what a nice person NR is and how they will miss her, and now she is suddenly bad? If she was so awful from day one why did the production house keep her for 2 years why not just chuck her out in the beginning. And how come we have heard no such thing in the last 2 years, people don't suddenly become nasty. Plus if NR and SK didn't like eachother so much why where they sitting together on the couch when the fire broke out.2009-09-30 14:50:35
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PinkLady09 13 years ago wow.. no wonder she can do the evil charcter so well she is evil!..n look at the type of language she uses while giveing an interview..
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nikita_88 13 years ago Its a vanity van does it really matter who has which one?
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ram92 13 years ago @amisha1: She said that she had a good friendly relation with angad and kinshuk and its very obvious from some article and tv interviews.So there is no doubt in that she is in good terms with them. Rest i dont believe this stupid rumor.
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amisha1 13 years ago wat crap?? till a few days ago i rem reading somewhere tt kinshuk and angad like to spend time with natasha during lunch breaks, and tt shes a nice lady in real life !!
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hide 13 years ago it look like CM played in real life also
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SecretKhabri420 13 years ago This seems weird, infact the foursome in Bidaai do praise Natasha a lots and they r so close to her..........
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