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Naseeruddin's Daughter Heeba Slapped and Abused Female Clinic Staff in a Shocking Video; Police Complaint Lodged

A police complaint has been lodged against Naseeruddin Shah’s Daughter Heeba Shah, who has been caught physically assaulting female staff at a vet clinic in a video captured by the CCTV camera...


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Naseeruddin Shah’s Daughter Heeba Shah has been caught physically assaulting two female employees of a veterinary clinic. The video has been captured by the CCTV of the clinic and submitted to the Versova police, who have registered the non-cognizable offense against her.

Heeba’s friend Supriya Sharma had booked an appointment at the Feline Foundation at Versova, for the sterilization of her two cats at the clinic. However, Sharma could not visit the clinic at the date, and to help her, Heeba Shah brought the cats to the clinic. 

After Heeba visited the clinic, she was asked to wait for a few minutes as surgery was going on at the clinic. After waiting for a few minutes, she lost her calm and started abusing and yelling at the female staff.  "Don't you know who I am? How can you have me wait for so long outside without any assistance and how can no one help me in getting my cat cage out of the rickshaw on arrival at your clinic” she aggressively yelled. 

The trustee of The Feline Foundation NGO, Mriidu Khosla also informed that Heeba physically abused the two female employees. “Two female workers were slapped, boxed and pushed by Heeba Shah on January 16, when she came with two cats that needed to be sterilized,” she said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Heeba alleged that the staff was extremely rude and she told TOI: “I tried explaining that it was my friend who had sought the appointment but they asked me to wait. I peeped into the preparation room and saw very unhygienic surroundings so I decided to leave.” 

A police complaint has been lodged against Heeba under section IPC 323, 504 and 506. 

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Cshafkat 27 days ago India is truly an intolerant nation.
The.Lannister 27 days ago Ma baap bilkul sahi keh rahe the iske, intolerance is indeed rising in India! 😂
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