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Nana's MeToo controversy takes a new turn; Welcome director Anees Bazmee stands in support of him!

Nana Patekar's MeToo controversy has regularly sparked debate about his nature. Now, director Anees Bazmee has stood in support of him bashing all the previous rumours about his actions...

Published: Tuesday,Nov 12, 2019 16:21 PM GMT-07:00
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Nana Patekar and Anees Bazmee

Courtesy : Bollywood Mantra

The rise of MeToo movement got the best of Nana Patekar and road to struggle clasped his leg that made it difficult for him to shake off. While many have spoken up in favour of Bollywood’s contemporary actor, one of his close associates - Anees Bazmee, has revealed his fond memories with him and how he stands out from the way others perceive him.   

During a recent media interaction, Bazmee was asked about the conflict of ideas Nana has seen. He was quizzed about how Nana has always been a part of controversies in media and recalling his recent controversy, how do you look at it and are you planning to work with him again?

Describing Nana’s nature he said, he shares a personal bond with him and while he is a great actor, he is also a very nice person. He further added, the recent controversy (MeToo case) and as an actor, he focuses more on quality and quantity. 

Talking about his quality of work, he said, “Nana Ji might get a bit irritated and maybe he can't have politically correct conversations; he just reacts to it. I don't know if its the actor in him or it's his nature and considering his age, it is really difficult to change nature at this age. But I also believe there is no need to change nature because people have already accepted him as he is. And whoever has worked with him they have an idea of what kind of person he is.”

Talking about the experience he gained from working with him Bazmee mentioned the wonderful experience he shared while working with him during the narration of Welcome.


When I finally completed narrating the story he hugged me and said ‘Anees I really had fun, and you’ve written the film very well, and I'm a raw soil; I will come on your sets mould me into any character you wish to.’ There's not even a small moment when I felt that it is really difficult to work with him or he is a short-tempered person he was very happy. And I enjoyed the whole process of working with him and that’s the reason I worked with him in the second film and then the third film. In the future I plan on working with him for 4… or maybe 5… or as many as 10 films and I would be happy to work with such a great actor.

- Anees Bazmee

MeToo gave the actresses a push they always needed to talk about their stories and reveal the wrongdoings in the industry. However, the movement did spark many controversies but it seems towards the betterment of the industry. 

Talking about the same, he said, “When it comes to the MeToo movement, I am in total support of it and As far as I know Nanaji personally know him, I always felt that he was a very nice man and we had a lot of  a lot of people on set and there were a lot of girls as well. Personally, I never felt any problem and I don't know much about this case but I believe this movement is really good and it was really necessary. now whoever has dared to reveal their stories, there is a difference in the mentality of people and many things have changed.”

Nana Patekar Anees Bazmee Welcome 

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