Nach Baliye with Shahrukh 'King' Khan & Om Shanti Om!

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"Main yahan pyaar baatne aaya hoon.."
Thats Shahrukh Khan for everyone! With SRK on the sets of Nach Baliye 3, it was truly Diwali! Time to celebrate! Last week's episode of Nach Baliye was dedicated to the King Khan - Shahrukh Khan, his film Om Shanti Om and songs of the swinging 70's! All put together only meant..loads of dhamaal & masti on the show!

SRK's true 'king' style, was to the tune of his '6-pack wonder song' - Dard-E-Disco! And the audience went wild! But that was just the start of things to come! SRK's presence on the sets of Nach Baliye lifted the spirits of one & all - judges, hosts, contestants and the the studio & those watching at home!

With songs of the 70's as the theme, all the jodi's rocked the dance floor! All the jodi's, Karan-Amita, Sweta-Alex, Rakhi-Abhishek & Aamir-Sanjeeda, performed well and got some great comments..but once again, it was Rakhi-Abhishek who stole the thunder with a performance that impressed one & all! A bonus for everyone, when SRK shook a leg with Vaibhavi & Rakhi-Abhishek!

Amongst the highlights of the episode, was a couple from of a similar contest in Indonesia, who in true Bollywood style, performed to one of SRK's all time hit numbers - 'Mehndi Lagake Rakhna' from DDLJ!

SRK's charm, easy-going attitude, sense of humour and witty repartees, made up for the rest of the episode.. When Karan Patel spoke of how he idolises SRK..SRK returned it with a 'Jiska bhi naam Karan hota hai, woh mujhse pyaar hi karta hai' (pun intended!). SRK, true to his nature, entertained one & all..

Towards the end, when called on to announce the name of the 'eliminated jodi', SRK announced that since its Diwali, there would be no eliminations.. And finally, all the jodi's took to the dance floor, and performed to another hit song from Om Shanti Om..with SRK joining in the revelry.

All-in-all, an episode laden with wit & humour, high on energy, with loads of fun, masti & excitment! Truly, a Diwali made meorable with & by Shahrukh Khan!

No eliminations in Saturday's episode meant it was time for the 'Wild Card' episode! All the eliminated jodi's - Kiran-Ritu, Vikas-Amita, Pooja-Hanif, Karan-Kavita (who performed despite her illness), Kashmera-Krushna - performed to a medley of 2 songs..and each of the jodi's did a splendid job! One wondered why didn't they perform like this earlier?! Had they performed to such effect, they probably would yet be in the competition! Unfortunately, owing to Shivangi's prolonged back injury and Shakti Kapoor's film commitments, they were the only jodi that did not compete in the Wild Card round.

With the Wild Card round, the general feel is that - all the jodi's were so good, that whoever is brought back will be deserving to be back in the competition. And those jodi's who will bid their final good-bye's to the show will be truly missed.. Who would the janta bring back into the competition? Will Kiran-Ritu be given another chance after Ritu blanked out the first time? Or will the janta prefer to have Kashmera-Krushna, who were regarded as hot favourites? Maybe dark horses, Vikas-Amita? We'll soon find out..

Tune into Telly Buzz next week, to catch up on all the fun, excitement, dance & drama on Nach Baliye 3!

Author : Ekta

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Happy holi Karan Patel you...

10 years ago

i love SRK in OSO, it was awesome! i loved this epi of NB when SRK came on ^_^

14 years ago

Hmm eople care for acting not hair..except for HR

16 years ago

Everone Loves Sharukh

We love u


16 years ago

SRK ws truly amazingggg...The way he calls Alex..Then Shweta and then Husein Monkeyyyy...Lmaooooo

16 years ago

i enjoyed the SRK DEEWALI SPECIAL EPISODE of nb3 to the fullest !!

SRK creates magic where ever he goes!!

16 years ago

SRK U r the heart throb of nation ,a true charmer ,i consider u as my idol as u always give such inspiring & motivating interviews & pump sooooooooooooooo much of confidence to the ppl ,SRK u r the badshah khan & u always rock!!!

16 years ago

wow SRK rocked in Nb3........
i cant wait to find out who will win the wild card round...........

16 years ago

SRK rocks........ Undoubtedly he is the king khan!!

16 years ago

shah rukh was such an obliging and nice guest! he totally rocked!

16 years ago

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