My name is Bond..James Bond!

Let's see which actors from small screen have all the talent and looks to play the 'Most Wanted' agent of Silver screen...Read our Telly Buzz Exclusive feature right here..

My Name is Bond, James Bond..!! You all must have heard this line many a times from many actors who have essayed this most loved role of being the 007 agent!. There were many legends who lived this character, from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig. The buzz is that the next bond could be a Black hunk singer Aikon, and Will Smith has reportedly been in the fray to play the most adored detective of silver screen. But what will you do if..the next Bond turns out from our own Television fraternity……
Lets have a run down the lane of Hot guys who have it in them to be as deadlier as all the bonds mentioned above…

Hussain Kuwajerwala: Hussain has some hands-on experience in this area of expertise.Who can forget his Krishna Arjun days, when he along with Krishna aka Shraddha Nigam, busted many cases and had successfully put the guilty behind bars. So he has the license to be..the next 007 agent!
Shabbir Ahuluwalia: He has quite a bit of experience in wooing girls; the image of Rishi of Kahin toh Hoga is still vivid in our minds. A perfect Casanova, and this attribute will surely help him bag this role ! Point to be noted, that he will be first James Bond in a stubble!! But different and cool for sure, right?
Harshad Chopra: He is one actor who has taken television industry by a storm over night, with girls falling for him left, right and centre.This makes him one of the most eligible candidates to play Bond! Imagine what girls will do, seeing him walking on walls, jumping from one rooftop to another and running behind culprits!! Well, God bless the bond Girl, though.!

Iqbal Khan: He definitely is a good choice to play agent 007. His voice  is just perfect, and so are his looks and physique! Though his stint with guns and roses did not do any wonders for Waaris or to his career, he has the talent to carry this role with utmost ease! And writing him off would be the gravest mistake anyone could commit! Another eligible and cool candidate from television arena.
Karan Singh Grover: The latest eye candy of television and that automatically brings him in this list. He has attitude, smile and style to play the role. From being a doctor to Detective would be a journey to remember, but his height is of little concern. But when you have looks to kill, then who cares where you stand,right??

Anand Suryavanshi: He has played one such role which was quite close to being a detective. Yes the immortal  Shaan from the show Mamta, where he played a guy full of vengeance.He surely can fit in the frame, he has great body structure, voice and ofcourse looks, just waiting to reveal his name as Suryavanshi…Anand Suryavanshi.
Vikas Manektala: Another actor whose potential has not been tapped properly by directors yet .. His experience as a cadet in Left Right Left will surely help him. As bond movies are incomplete without gadgets, this hot guy has even got experience in that area!!
Karnvir Bohra: The Bling bling boy of small screen, his Prem days in Kasauti zindagi Ki is still  fresh in our minds. The spoilt brat of most loved moms of television, has the perfect blend of naughtiness and is full of life to play the Bond. Just that his bling accessories could irritate him little while playing the role, don’t you all think?


Arjun Bijlani: Alekh of Left Right Left, the deadly, quite but brightest of all cadets.Yes he is definitely our next choice to be the Bond.His silence is as dangerous as his anger, the ingredient required to be a detective. He must have carried out many operations while being Alekh, so this should be a cake walk for him. What say?

Kapil Nirmal: Great body, height, strength in biceps and ofcourse the baby face will make his enemies weak on their knees. The fact the he is even able to protect his love fighting with against goons will surely help him while saving the bond girl. From Prince to the King of hearts when it comes to girls, nothing is impossible for this man!! Go and say My name is Bond, James Bond.


This is our list, but we all have our individual choices, so go and have a fun ride while selecting your favorite bond from television. Let's see who gets maximum votes to be the “Golden Eye” of Tomorrow as Tomorrow never dies!
Concept and Author: Nishtha
Pictures and Banner Credit: Shagun

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Comments (156)

It is amazing movie and in this movie Naseeruddin Shah's acting is brilliant and i really enjoy this movie.

6 years ago

Arjun Bijlani ... u are a rockstar... way to go!!!

12 years ago

iqbal is the one who can play this role

13 years ago

Harshad Chopra would be great!

13 years ago

Man it''s either KAran or IQbal!!!!! period!

15 years ago

I think that Iqbal Khan is more suited for the role. lol i cant see harshad chopra doing that type of role.

15 years ago

KARAN DESERVES IT.................................

15 years ago


I LOVE YOUU KARAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

KSG, karanvir, arjun n hussain....well known...
Bt chocolate boy harshad chopra....?!bt dn he z gud 2!

15 years ago

Now that this article has become stuff of legend, will there be a sequel?

Something like Indian Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Daredevil, or heroes like that? hehehe.

Of course, I think I know who your first choice would be for any of those roles... hehehe! ;-)

God bless.

15 years ago

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