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My husband helped me achieve my dreams - Shubhangi Atre

A special chitchat with Kasturi talking about her role, co-star, her husband and lots more - in a one on one with Hiral Anju Bhatt.

Published: Wednesday,Jun 27, 2007 09:45 AM GMT-06:00
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Beautiful , Petite, soft spoken Shubhangi Atre ,who came all the way from Indore to make it big in the glamour world , has become a house old name as the simple but charming girl next door Kasturi Chawla.
The show ,"Kasturi" has indeed done wonders , leaving behind chart toppers like Saath Phere in the crazy TRP ratings. There was a special press conference and inspite of not being well , Shubhangi Atre was there for the shoot. Now that's what we call a completely dedicated actress. Clad in a simple black salwar kameez with dangling earrings, she was looking delectable and elegant. Our India-Forums Reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt, who was part of this Special event, caught up with the star and had a heart to heart with her.

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How did you bag the title role of Kasturi?
I was shooting for the other show, Kasautii as Palchin, and I got a call from Balaji to play the role of Kasturi. It was a lead role and a beautifully sketched one at that, so I accepted it.

As you said, you entered the show at the last moment, many other actresses were finalised , so was it a bit hectic for you to cope up with the schedule?
I got a call just 3 days before the show was to hit on air, so had to work day and night, it was hectic but I have no complains with that. However now, the schedule is fine.

    How is working with cast and crew?
Every one is very supportive, whenever there is a scene, they come and advice me about the scenes how I could have done them better.

And what about your costar Karan?
Karan is very supportive, we have a good chemistry , he always helps me with my scenes.

How similar is Kasturi and Shubhangi?
Very Similar, I completely relate to my character of Kasturi Chawla, infact I also come from a middle-class family and I believe in the values and I am very close to my parents.

What was the reaction of your family to this role?
My family was very supportive with my decision.

How did your husband react to the fact that you aspired to be an actress?
My husband is very understanding and he always supported me with this decision. Infact it is because of my husband I have taken up this role. He was the one who made me achieve my dreams and enter the glamour world.

We have seen Kasturi in traditional look, with those simple Salwaar kameez, what if Kasturi gets a makeover in future, will you be comfortable wearing western outfits?
    Ofcourse! Infact I would love to get a makeover and wear western outfit, it will          indeed be for good.

How does it feel with Success of Kasturi, the show has indeed become one of the popular shows and the trps have also beaten the rival show saath phere?
It feels great .

If you get an opportunity to work outside balaji, will you take up the role?
   If the script is good and the character is as strong as Kasturi, I would think of
   taking that role up.

    Any Aspirations of working in Bollywood?

You have a small kid, are you able to give time to your family and work?
Balaji has been very kind and as I said, my husband and my mother in law are very supportive and understanding too.

How is it working with Balaji?
Its great, infact I am greatful to Ekta Kapoor and Shobha aunty for giving me such an opportunity and having faith in me.

Thank you so much Shubhangi for taking time and giving your interview inspite of being not well?
It was my pleasure.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Shagun
Contact Author: pm sweet_shagun

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kantaxess 13 years ago Hi Subhangi, wishing u a very happy b''day. Very happy to see u on top of the world. God bless u n may u get many more lead roles. Pradeep n I got married n rember u n Piyush a lot. Give my love to ur little angel Ashi.

Bye Tk care -
Kanta n Pradeep
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-SilentLove- 15 years ago you are great shubangi
keep up the great work
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magical mahua
magical mahua 15 years ago i can't believe u r married & having a kid.....but u r doing well. keep it up....
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-Rimli- 15 years ago shubhangi is soooo cute
very nice article

thanks a lot
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taintedangel 15 years ago nice article she looks sweet in the pics
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simpleL0VE38 15 years ago OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!! she's sooooooooooooooooooooo sweeet!! she's really pretty too. i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch out karan/robbie, SHE'S MINE!! = ]
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yellowpurse 15 years ago omgggggggggggggg.....SHE'S MARRIED?????????SHE HAS A CHILD??????MAN!!! she looks so young...doesn't even look like she's married and could be a mother of one as well, very impressed, though i feel sorry for karan =D =D
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ArjunArohi4ever 15 years ago gr8888888888888 article
Shubhangi roxx
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cocuu 15 years ago well i m shocked tht she is married & also tht she is a mother ohh i m so shocked well she is so sweet + cute... thxx 4 sharinggg,....;'l;];
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Funk'n Desi
Funk'n Desi 15 years ago she has a great family behind her
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