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'My heart told Bandini would be a hit'- Aasiya Kazi

Aasiya Kazi, who plays Santo in NDTV Imagine’s Bandini talks about how she went from a happy-go-lucky gal to a mature daughter who’s made her parents proud…

Published: Wednesday,Oct 21, 2009 18:32 PM GMT-06:00
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Aasiya Kazi got a fantastic break in the television industry with NDTV Imagine's Bandini opposite Ronit Roy. She is now a well known face thanks to her character – Santo, that she so beautifully portrays.

Her talks reveal that she is one from the few remaining species that are down to earth inspite of being leading ladies of successful shows. Over to the endearing lady...

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How has your journey in television been so far?
It's been an exciting journey. Life has totally changed. Before Bandini, when in a crowd, people just used to rush past me…they have even pushed me at times. But now, people turn around and look at me. It feels nice to be recognized in a crowd. People tend to give you some credit if you are famous. If you ask me about television, then my journey only consists of getting accustomed to the erratic working hours, the lights camera and action and also making new friends among the unit people.

Bandini has been appreciated by all, and has a good following. So how do you see this?
I don't know if you'd believe it but the day I heard the story of Bandini, I knew that it would be a hit. The story was very different from all the stories I had heard till then, also, my heart told me clearly that it would be a hit (smiles).

What do you feel about Santo's transformation from being a girl who is forced to marry a person double the age to her present phase where she has fallen for him?
I feel happy for Santo. At first she was not given her due rights. She was not accepted by the family members. Now she will be rightfully and willfully acknowledged by the family members. Her role as a wife, daughter-in-law and mother will be truly recognized. She has overcome all her past traumas and found her happiness.

And they are getting remarried…
Yes, I just hope that this marriage is for keepsakes and not plagued by trouble (smiles).

Tell us about your rapport with co stars.
My relationship with my co-stars is full of fun. When I first began, only my sisters, Nanaji and Shashank used to come to the sets. It wasn't like we got along like a house on fire the very first day. It was a slow and gradual bonding. But yes, now we all rock the sets together (laughs). In fact I'm so attached to these people that that I don't leave the sets easily nowadays. And many of my co-stars who are from outstation recently celebrated Diwali here with us. It is truly like one big joint family and I'm loving every bit of it.

You being a new comer, who has been your guiding force when it comes to acting?
My co-stars. They are my guides, who force me to act properly (laughs).

Personally what is your as well as your family's reaction towards the success of the show?

My parents are very elated and proud of me. I hadn't been serious about life in itself. But after tenth standard, I kind of grew up. My grades started improving. I never had imagined… but here I am acting in a successful show and doing a commendable job at it!

Your chemistry with Ronit Roy has been appreciated.

When Ronit bhai and I first met at Ekta Kapoor's office, she said- Wow! You guys look so good as a couple! So I thought well, if the czarina of television thinks so, then truly we might make a good eye – candy. Touchwood, her words came true and the audiences are also liking us. I'm happy about it.

What is your comfort level when you do intimate scenes with him, considering the fact that he is very senior in the industry?

Actually during the first few days that I had to shoot with Ronit bhai I was nervous even though there were no mushy scenes then. But, Ronit bhai is so humble, so down to earth, that I lost all my uptightness. If you talk about intimate scenes, yes they did scare me a bit. But once I did it, it was a piece of cake. Then eventually one gets used to it. But of course all this would not have happened without the support of Ronit bhai.

Tell us about the latest entrant on the show Chavi Mithal.

I find her very sweet even though we haven't interacted much.

Public opinion goes that she resembles Dharamraj's first wife…

Well…yes she does (laughs).

What can we expect from the track ahead?

The remarried life of Santo and Dharamraj!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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iSakshi 12 years ago ur doing a great job my dear... U need to be given major credit... as the show is abt u..and u have proven that your the best amongst the rest.. The portrayal of santu is absolutely amazing.. their could've have bin n e one better to bring santu alive.. I love sanraj together i have never seen such a perfect chemistry in any other couple... U both rock... muahz... I am glad that bandini is my first indian serial... I would always have good memories to share... Aasiya and ROnit u both are just awesome please keep it up.. we the fans are fida over sanraj...2010-04-09 00:27:53
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d.sree 12 years ago ronit n Aasiya look great with each other uuuuu rock........this is the only serial i watch every epic with out missing .and ronitji is my fav...
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
-SilverFlames- 12 years ago Awesome Chemistry and Sparks Fly when they are on screen..!!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
s000 12 years ago thanks - haan RR n aasiya look cute together
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TOTAL-ROMANTIC 13 years ago LOVE BANDINI..specially for Ronit & Aasiya..Awesome pair & great Chemistry..
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
adoremevirgo 13 years ago chavi aka anamika is not look alike but she is actually subhadra herself
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radz1310 13 years ago My fav serial.ronit and aasiya look too good as a pair.they should be shown living happily.
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tulipbaby53 13 years ago she's sooo good!! i love her as santo, and she does an AMAZING job! she's soo young, yet sooo good!! :-)

keep it up!! :D
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-Imu.M- 13 years ago
Just Love her,
She is damn good, And Pretty !

All the best for your future !
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Lamia17 13 years ago awww shes seems so cool..she doing an awesome job=D
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