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"My father - my hero, my inspiration: What he taught me in life" - Celebs share valuable lessons

Father's Day is almost here. And every year we talk about gifting ideas and celebration plans, this year let's dedicate it to the valuable lessons they taught us. So, here are some celebs talking about the life lessons they learnt from their fathers, have a look:


Father's Day is almost here. And every year we talk about gifting ideas and celebration plans, this year let's dedicate it to the valuable lessons they taught us. So, here are some celebs talking about the life lessons they learnt from their fathers, have a look:

Aniruddh Dave: My father, Vitin Dave, gave me an excellent upbringing. The values he taught me, has made me the person I am. He always told me to follow good work and never hurt anyone on your way up in your career. I follow what my father taught me. My father lives in Jaipur. I will talk to him on the phone because I can't go to Jaipur due to my work commitments. I will be in Mumbai on Father's Day, but I will send something for him from here itself, I am thinking about a nice gift and a chocolate cake as he loves chocolate just like I do.

Arun Mandola: Once my father got injured while teaching me how to ride a cycle, because of me he was hurt and I felt very bad at that time. He always told me stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat. One thing taught by him that I have implemented in my life is that if you get success don’t let it get into your head and second thing that never underestimate your enemy. My father is my hero.

Aaira Dwivedi: My dad is a man like no other. He is my biggest inspiration. He gave me life, nurtured me, taught me, dressed me, fought for me but most importantly loved me unconditionally. I always wonder how he knows everything that I have in my mind. My father is like the bones in my spine, keeping me straight and true. I know he sacrificed so many precious moments in his life so that I could have them in mine. Thank you for never saying no to me for anything and always giving the best out of best. He taught me the value of humanity, honesty and hard work and always guided me that if you give 100 percent to your present, your future will be better than what you want it to be. He taught me to stand up for myself and what I believed in. My father gave me the greatest gift that is "He believed in me".

Jhanvi Sethi: My father is my inspiration, teacher and I owe my existence to him. Right from the moment I was born, my life is his gift. I have such beautiful fond memories of him which mean everything to me. And my life itself is a learning from him and of him. Each day I try to be a better person and evolve. It's him still guiding me. Love is eternal and it always shines through. My father is watching up on our entire family from God's own home. I still regret the moment when he passed away. I wasn't there in that moment. I am learning to process this everyday of my life. But if my father was alive, he wouldn't have wanted me to be sad or regretful about anything. So I am working to release the pain on this. Not yet there but trying.

Vikas Sethi: My father is my guide, anchor, guru and I owe my life to him. Right from the moment I was born my life is his gift. It's a bit unfair to ask about the fondest memory with my father. Every moment has been precious and I recall it all from getting me to ride a bicycle, to buying us chocolates to every moment in my childhood is linked to him. I lost my father in 2004 but he has been guiding me ever since. He always has my back. Everything I am is because of him. Not a moment in my life did I take my father for granted. I lost him too soon. But every moment when I was growing up everything I wanted was in front of me before I even demanded it.

Jasmin Bhasin: I was a very over protective child so when I decided to leave home and be on my own, my father told me that you have never lived alone but now you have to because you have chosen it. When I was scared, he told me time teaches everything and never be afraid of any situation. So look here I am 12 years living alone and time has taught me everything. I don’t think fathers are taken for granted atleast not by daughters because they play a very important role, they are the first man a girl looks upto and I have always looked upto my father, I just love him.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I remember the day I got my result of 10th board exams, I had got good percentage and was getting admission in science on merit. Everybody at that time was insisting on taking science for a good career and it was only my father who sat with me and told me that I should not make my decisions based on what people say and I should choose what makes me happy. That small conversation has stayed with me till date, whenever I have to make any important decision I remember his words and everything becomes easy. Fathers might not be very expressive but their love for their kids is not less than a mother. May be because of that they are taken for granted sometimes, but in my case it’s different, I see a friend in my father.

Pranitaa Pandit: My father is my world and ofcourse daughters love their father the most. When I was two-year-old, I was really unwell and my father was awake the entire night and was showing me stars and moon, trying to make me feel comfortable. I have learnt from him how to be selfless. He has very strong family values and he taught me to do right things. Yes I have taken my father for granted in my childhood but he has never made me feel bad about it. And the only expectation what my father had from me is that I stay healthy and happy.

Avinash Mukherjee: My father is the reason why I am here. Whatever little I have learnt is all because of him. It’s a very emotional topic for me to talk about, I love him a lot and he is my mentor, my guru. I don’t think fathers are taken for granted. I think there is a stigma that they are not able to express their emotions but they don't it because their children look at them for support and that is what he taught me. He has taught me to be strong. If you know what is your target nothing can stop you from achieving it every obstacles will turn into an opportunity. My fondest memory is when I got my first award for Balika Vadhu and for the first time in my life I saw my dad crying.

Sudipto Balav: My father was not there with me, so the father figure in my life was my grandmother, who was an extremely strong lady and had a very strong impact in my life. There are many things which I learnt from her and few of things helped me in making who I am today. She taught me to give 100 percent in whatever I do, she gave me the confidence to go out and achieve my dreams, I should stand responsible or take responsibility of all my actions. My mother also stepped in a lot who played an important role in filling my fathers place.

Bhoomika Mirchandani: We used to play a lot of ludos and during my school's annual day when I used to dance, he used to stand and clap for me. I learnt from him to love yourself.


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