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My father cut me off when I was 18: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor shares an emotional phase of her life when father Anil Kapoor had cut her off...

Published: Friday,Jul 22, 2016 23:42 PM GMT-06:00
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We are usually depended on our parents for many things. Be it materialistic or emotional needs or merely taking decisions; our parents are our guiding lamp. But, what happens if this bond gets cut off? Something similar happened with actress Sonam Kapoor when she turned 18!

During a recent interview with Tara Sharma, Sonam Kapoor shared an incident when her daddy dearest cut off all ties with her, persuading her to take her own decision in her personal as well professional life when she turned 18. Also, that "every misstep and every triumph" in her Bollywood journey has been her own.

When asked about the perks of being the daughter of an actor, she said: "My father cut me off when I was 18... He said you want to become an adult, become an adult."

"I had to take responsibility and I did ... and it is one of the best things anybody has ever done for me. You know he said that I never want to make a decision for you. I can tell you what is right or what is wrong but at the end you have to make your own decision."

Even for the downfalls she faced, she is thankful of her father to have let her learn through them and that she loves her father for taking this firm decision.

"I love it, because I can attribute a lot to my father ... but every decision that I made in my career, every misstep and every triumph has all been my own."

On a concluding note when she was asked about the choice of her career, she said that even though she aspired to be like her father, she never really wanted to be an actor initially.

She also mentioned how she would like to start a family some day, but isn't looking to settle down any time soon.

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iPerfection 6 years ago Few years ago in the Anupama Chopra show she said she didn't take a single penny from her parents after her 18th birthday! As much as I try to believe this lady I keep asking few questions then I doubt she is telling the truth! Ok maybe it's true her dad cut her off when she was 18 so she can take her own decisions ( same with me after my 18th birthday I am responsible for everything i do in my life, i take my own decisions) so this is nothing new she is saying! But she cannot lie that her parents didn't help her financially! One has to be too innocent to believe she did earn every penny by herself! When her film career was average actually quite down, she still used to wear designer clothes, fancy stuff, those cars, PR team, house, trips, holidays etc etc!! From where the hell did she get so rich to pay all this?? In 2009 she was named as best dressed celebrity by People Magazine! She is not so long Loreal Paris ambassador like Aishwarya Rai so how can she be so rich when as an actress she was quite average before, after Neerja and PRDP she got recognition and appreciations for her performance and now just since last year she is considered as one of the highest paid actresses!
For an average actress she was very rich lets say even richer than Deepika who became highest paid actress in 2013 the turning point of Deepika's career started from this year!
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Anjali-K 6 years ago Err what responsibility? To make your own decisions? Just like every other person on this planet? And when you have daddy financing your movies are you really"cut off"? What an emotional phase, I can only imagine what you went through -.-

Thanks IF for the A class journalism and articles.
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