Musical Sensation Pritam becomes Papa Pritam!

Music Director, Pritam Chakraborty has become a father...

Music Director, Pritam Chakraborty has become a father once again. Chakraborthy's wife, Smita delivered a baby girl this past Thursday at the Breach Candy hospital located in Southern Mumbai.

Pritam already has a son, Purvesh who is only 2 years old and now joining the family is the small baby girl. Both mom and daughter are healthy and well. More so, Papa Pritam cannot express his feelings on his daughter's arrival!

Pritam also expressed that the duo has decided to call their baby girl Ishqa. According to Pritam, now his family is complete and added on saying, now that his daughter has come, his real success has just started!

We at BollyCurry send our hearty congratulations the Chakraborty family!

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