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Music Review: Nautanki Saala!

BollyCurry brings to you a music review of the album to give you a hint of what the movie has to offer.

Published: Friday,Mar 08, 2013 19:12 PM GMT-07:00
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Award-winning singer turned actor, Ayushmann Khurrana's second movie, Nautanki Saala!, is scheduled to release on April 12, 2013. The music for the upcoming flick has been composed by Falak Shabir, Mikey McCleary and Rashid Khan, coming out with eight songs, excluding reprise, remix, and unplugged versions of a few. BollyCurry brings to you a music review of the album to give you a hint of what the movie has to offer.

The album kicks off with the soft and romantic "Mera Mann Kehne Laga" in Tulsi Kumar's voice. Rising talent, Pakistani
singer Falak Shabir wrote the beautiful lyrics to this track but that is not it; there are three more versions of this song - the original male version and the same track as a reprise and remix as well, all in Shabir's vocals. Definitely worth listening to once and be sure that the melodies will repeatedly cross your mind!

Next track, "Saadi Galli Aaja", kicks off in Neeti Mohan's voice but Ayushmann Khurrana soon takes over. The number almost gets you nostalgic, reminding you of Ayushmann's previous track "Paani Da Rang" from his debut movie, Vicky Donor. There is an unplugged version of the track as well, which highlights further wonders in terms of striking just the right chords of your heart. Not to forget, there is also a remix version which does not stand close to either of its aforementioned versions, but succeeds in its own right.

"Dhak Dhak" is one of the two songs from this album that follows the trend of resurrecting old hits with a new twists. Madhuri Dixit's hit from the 90's gets new vocals in the form of Saba Azad, along with a Geet Sagar, Bruno Carvalo, Santosh Sawant and Jovian Soans. The song does not live up to its hype, especially it being such a popular number, but it will surely take you down the memory lane to reminisce its evergreen lyrics.

The second song that follows the same trend is "So Gaya Yeh Jahan" from the famous movie Tezaab. Originally in Nitin Mukesh's voice, this track does not bring forth the same emotions as the 15 year old original, partly due to the semi-techno touch it possesses. Undoubtedly it gets your feet tapping on the dance floor but it is definitely not in sync with the lyrics set by the legendary Javed Akhter.

Next in line is "Sapna Mera Toota" in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's statemented soothing vocals. The only number in the album composed by Rashid Khan and splattered with splendid bits of qawwali in Khan's typical style, this is one track that is full to the brim with amazement and is perfect harmony to the ears.

The second track in this album sung by the lead actor himself is "Tu Hi Tu". The versatility of this rising singer proves himself yet again with the soft and soothing music and lyrics. Beware however, the song may (or may not) put you in a daze after a while due to its extremely slow yet blissful pace.

With Let's Laugh Day coming up on March 19th, "Draamebaaz" is the song from this album that might end up in your comic songs playlist. With funky lyrics and the right combination of Geet Sagar's voice, this is must-hear at any festive occasion.

The album concludes with the track "Dil Ki... To Lag Gayi", a brilliant song portraying heart breaking emotions by Saba Azad. This song revolves around how men suffer because of the tantrums of women. It's tune is catchy and rather humorous to watch as well, with an abundance of scenes which leave you in a joyous mood.

With this, we come to an end of another vivid yet intense music album. We encourage you to tune into the tracks and eagerly await the release of Ayushmann's aspiring second flick! Until then, for those of you have sampled the album, which is your favorite track?

Author: Fariha L.
Editor(s): Sonia R. & Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Preet K.

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