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Music Review: Kucch Luv Jaisa

Pritam brings forward music for the film along with Irshad Kamil to create a surprise for the audience with the music they've come...

Published: Monday,May 23, 2011 13:43 PM GMT-06:00
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With promotions going on for the film, one must wonder what the film must be like and what sort of music it must hold. Rahul Bose and Shifaali Shah come together in Kucch Luv Jaisa to show how life changes when you meet someone that you never expected to meet. Pritam brings forward music for the film along with Irshad Kamil to create a surprise for the audience with the music they've come up with for the film.

The first song on the album manages to catch the attention of everyone. 'Naina' starts out with a soothing start in that sets the mood for the melodious love song. The song is sung by Monali Thakur and Mohit Chauhan. The simple lyrics and music of the song catch your attention with a very serene background without any  loud instruments and such. Although the song is mostly sung by Mohit with his charming voice, Monali makes her presence known as well and together they manage catch you heart well! 'Naina' works at a slow pace and is something that you'll fall in love with the first time around of hearing this song. Surely, this is a song that you'll want to hear multiple times in a row and won't grow tired of!


Next in the album is 'Thoda Sa Pyaar' which is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Anupam Amod. Just like 'Naina', this song also starts out a bit slowly and continue to follow the pace through the rest of the song. Althou
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gh the song is mostly sung by Sunidhi, Anupam definitely makes his presence in the song in small portions just like Monali did in 'Naina'. Though it's a slow song, it's not exceedingly so, coming up to a more medium pace. There are moments where the music might go up a notch, but even then, the song keeps up its reputation. 'Thoda Sa Pyaar' is yet another one those love song with a melodious tune that you find yourself humming time and again. Do give this one a listen.


There are two other versions for the song 'Thoda Sa Pyaar', one being called 'Raghaav's search for love'. This version is sung by Mannan Shah and is pretty much the unplugged version of the song. This version also manages to live up to the expectation of the actual version of the song. Mannan Shah's voice fits perfectly with this version in which you are able to feel the emotions through the lyrics and the music. There is only a soft use of music used towards the beginning of the song, and then the music is picked back up halfway through the song. One might even think that this version could almost be better than the actual version because of the rush of emotions this unplugged version can  induce.


The next version that you'll hear for 'Thoda Sa Pyaar' is one called 'Madhu's search for love'. This version of the song is sung by Naresh Iyer with Shefali Alvaris as a backup. After listening to 'Raghaav's search of love', this version of the song reminds you once again of the original version. The music usage in this version is quite interesting and manages to surprise in some parts of the song. Although Shefali does start the song out and does add a bit to the song, overall her addition feels unnecessary. If anything, her voice works to break the moment that Naresh's voice creates with his voice. With three different versions for 'Thoda Sa Pyaar', the album does end up being redundant. After the second version, 'Madhu's search for love' is highly unnecessary.  


Finally bringing a change in the album is 'Baadlon Pe Paon' which is a faster paced song than the ones previously mentioned. Mannan Shah once again lends his voice to the song, and that was the perfect choice for the music. Although the lyrics of the song do manage to create somewhat of an effect when listened to closely, there is nothing else special about for this song. Besides this being a change from all the love songs that are in this album, there is nothing all catches your attention. The music used is fairly common and sounds like any other rock or fast paced song.


'Kwaab' is the last song in the album with two versions - rock and 'Raghaav's confession'. Once again, you are back to a melodious and soft love song. Nikhil D'Souza sings this song and make sure that you are ready to listen to his voice because you will be affected. The song is slow and goes at a steady pace with the music, but only Nikhil's voice is the highlight of this song. The lyrics are on the melancholic side with the lyrics giving the feel of a sad song. But overall, the song creates quite an effect and is surely something that one should listen too.


The rock version of 'Kwaab' is also sung by Nikhil D'Souza. When the song starts out, you might even think that there is nothing rock about this version because of the pace that it's at, but the rock music is slowly led in. Once the rock music is brought in the song, you will notice how this song is definitely a bit 'louder' than the other version. There isn't much different to say about this version expect for the obvious that this song is a tiny bit faster than the other version and the louder music that is used in the song. The effect is much the same and there isn't a change of lyrics either. Albeit that this version is a bit more entertaining, the two versions are indistinguishable in the feeling and atmosphere they create!  


Overall, the music for Kucch Luv Jaisa was a bit of a suprise. Although Pritam came up with music for the film, there is a bit of a doubt as to whether this album can be on par with the standards he has set. After listening to this album, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Pritam managed to do a decentjob with the music of the film. Although, the numerous versions of the different songs are a bit redundant and could have been skipped, what's done has been done and the music overall is pretty good for the album. Definitely give it a listen, especially if you are one for slow, soft music!

BollyCurry's Favorite: 'Naina', 'Thoda Sa Pyaar' [original and Raghaav's search for love], 'Kwaab'

BollyCurry's Rating: 3/5

Editor: Gunia
Graphics: Shikha

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