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A number of renowned composers worked towards churning out the music of Kesari and hence we couldn't resist checking it out...

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Set in the era of British India, and portraying a true story of valour and sacrifice, Kesari is set to hit theatres near you this Holi. The film is directed by Anurag Singh, who is predominantly known for his work in Punjabi cinema. Akshay Kumar, who has been wowing us with patriotic flicks and period dramas for a while now, essays the role of Ishar Singh, the leader of a contingent of twenty-one proud Sikhs who combat heroically against 10,000 invading Afghans. Parineeti Chopra enacts the role of his better half, a character that is also his steadfast source of strength. The movie's trailer was an impressive watch that evoked deep feelings of astonishment and nationalism. A number of renowned composers worked towards churning out the music of this much anticipated film, hence we couldn't resist checking it out. Read on to see what we, at BollyCurry, feel about it.

The album opens with "Ek Onkaar", a prayer which forms the root verse of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. It is sung beautifully by Jasbir Jassi, who also adds some raw music to it. The delicate spiritual feelings really appeal to the soul and the rhythmic chants and bell clangs in the background are gratifying.

The second song, "Ve Maahi", is a romantic number; composed by Tanishk Bagchi. It seeks to capture the pure love of the protagonist and his wife. Bagchi has also penned down the pensive yet playful lyrics. The music is lively and Arijit Singh's vocal brilliance blends in effortlessly with the soothing voice of Asees Kaur to serve a sure-shot chart-buster.

Next up is one of Arko Pravo Mukherjee's numerous ethereal compositions, but this boasts a flawlessness that leaves you speechless. It is called "Teri Mitti", and it is overwhelming on so many levels. B. Praak's voice has depth and conveys haunting sentiments, while Manoj Muntashir has laid down a soldier's undying selflessness and loyalty towards his motherland with such finesse that it is certain that this song would give you goose bumps and leave you in tears! It is imbued with untold love for one's country and is undoubtedly our absolute favourite from the album.

The fourth song, "Sanu Kehndi", depicts fun times celebrated by army folks, with the music by Bagchi that is peppy and fresh. It has a nostalgic sentiment and a lovely Punjabi folk music feel to it, with dhols playing throughout. The hit duo, Romy and Brijesh Shandilya, who had previously sung the title track of the much loved Badhaai Ho (2018) do not disappoint. Kumaar's light-hearted lyrics are quite pretty, however, this track is underwhelming as compared to the rest of the album and doesn't really compel you to get up and shake a leg as is expected from a traditional Punjabi dance number. Nonetheless, it does slowly grow on you with time and all of its charm.

The fifth song, "Ajj Singh Garjega", is upbeat, starting off with tumbi notes, with war-cries and roars quickly following suit. Jazzy B. energetically lauds and celebrates the courage displayed by a defender on the battlefield, keeping the Punjabi folk essence intact. Worded aptly by Kunwar Juneja, this track put together by Chirantan Bhatt is powerfully uplifting and is a potential earworm.

The second to last song is yet again derived from verses in the Guru Granth Sahib. Gurmoh directs the music and Sukhwinder Singh lends his impactful voice to the track, called "Deh Shiva", and his fierceness during the chorus makes one tremble! The rest of the song, however, the beats and instrumentals do come off monotonous. Perhaps the makers wanted it to sound more like an actual prayer, but they sure had a hit-and-miss. The last song is a female version of the same and is peacefully touching with a similar bit of emotion missing.

The music of Kesari seems to be essentially holding on to its Punjabi roots, while foraying into poignance, patriotism and prowess. The tracks are all lyrically outstanding with most of them being vocally and musically amazing too, even though we feel some of the compositions could have been reworked to leave a lasting impression on the listener's mind. Nevertheless, the album's strong sentiments and diversity fetch it a 3 out of 5 stars from us at BollyCurry.

We urge you to tune in to one of your favourite music streaming sites to give the soundtrack of Kesari a listen and tell us what you feel about it as we wait together for its release on March 21st.

Writer: Ramya K.
Editors: Anushka J. and Mohini N.
Graphics: Rifah K.

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Hello, Ramya K. I've been reading your write ups for sometime now and I can see how beautifully and with so much precision you have penned down your thoughts.
The songs do strum at the heart strings.
Thank you for the review.

5 years ago

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