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Humshakals official album, released on the 26th May, 2014, comprises of six tracks, all of which are composed by the versatile Himesh Reshammiya.

It is not uncommon to witness actors and actresses being cast in double roles. In fact, it works in the movie's favor since it enables them to portray their versatility and talent in one frame. But what happens when our equally genius directors receive a sudden brainwave to cast an actor in a triple role instead of double? That too with not one actor but three! This concept forms the premise of Sajid Khan's latest comedy venture, Humshakals. The film stars talents such as Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor, Tamanna Bhatia, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta and Satish Shah all in pivotal roles.

Humshakals official album, released on the 26th May,
2014, comprises of six tracks, all of which are composed by the versatile Himesh Reshammiya. Read below to know our thoughts of each track.

The album opens with "Caller Tune", an upbeat romantic number carrying the voices of Neeraj Shridhar and Neeti Mohan. The track has been penned by Sameer and we're sure in due time it is bound to have everyone bobbing their head to the catchy tune. The fact that the "Caller Tune" is already listed as one of the most downloaded songs is a sure indication of where the song is heading.
Up next is the foot tapping and groove-worthy for dance floor, "Piya Ke Bazaar". This song features the magical vocals of Himesh Reshammiya, Shalmali Kholgade and Palak Muchhal and has been written by Shabbir Ahmed. "Piya Ke Bazaar" is already an extremely popular song that makes one hone in their party mood unknowingly and is perfect for a DJ's playlist.
"Just Look Into My Eyes" is a slow, uptempo romantic track sung by the talented Ash King and Neeti Mohan. Lyrics have expertly been penned once again by Sameer. Relatively mellow compared to the initial two songs of the album, it is a nice change and a lovely song to sway to with a significant other. 
Taking instrumentals as its main underlying theme, "Barbaad Raat" is a slow number that incorporates the trend of inserting English lyrics. Sanam Puri and Shalmali Kholgade lent their powerful vocals for this Sameer number. With its symphony of melodies, it nicely flows from the previous track and is soothing song to the ears.
The master himself, Himesh Reshammiya vocalizes the next track, "Hum Pagal Nahin Hai". Despite being an uncanny song, the lyrics - written by Mayur Puri - have a strong underlying theme that overrides the disturbing melody on the whole.
The enigmatic combo of Mika Singh and Palak Muchhal concludes the album with their soft tempo in "Khol De Dil Ki Khidki", whilst Shabbir Ahmed penned this romantic track. With its fair share of instrumentals, the track is a good listen and is a must for any romantic playlists.
After the initial hype, the album turned out to be an average at best. Humshakals is slated to released on the 20th June, 2014 and BollyCurry wishes the entire team all the best. We wait with bated breaths for this newest addition to Indian cinema, which is slated to be one of the biggest hits of the year.  Be sure to include this album in your playlist and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author: Mohini N.
Editors: Amanda H. and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Amna M. and Marsh P.

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