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Music n' Masti - Asha Bhosle Birthday Special

With 8th of September being melody queen Asha Bhonsle's birthday, MnM has decided to dedicate...

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Welcome to this week's Music N Masti!

With 8th of September being melody queen Asha Bhonsle's birthday, MnM has decided to dedicate this weeks charts to her legend of several decades. If immortality is to come through ones work, Asha ji having lent her vocals to a vast variety of music already, has become eternally immortal in the hearts of her countless fans! 

Here's Bolly Curry's pick of top 15:
15. Jayiye Aap Kahaan

Film : Mere Sanam  (1965)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: O P Nayyar
The combination of O.P Nayyar and Asha Bhonsle works its characteristic magic here with this soft, soothing number. The composition is a sitter with the use of tabla, flute and the undercurrent base guitar/bass drum to the arrangement of the orchestra; OP Nayyar has undeniably given his best creations to the audience when paired with his alleged real life romantic interest.

14. Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Film: Yadon ki Baraat (1973)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle and Mohd. Rafi
Music: R D Burman
Giving her vocals to playback for the yesteryear diva Zeenat Aman, Asha ji with Mohd Rafi were truly awesome! Despite the decades passing by, this is considered as one of Asha's best songs ever - which has seen many a renditions and remix-ed versions coming off its original. There is an addition about this song, which keeps growing with time.
13. Aaja Aaja Mein Hoon Pyaar Tera

Film: Teesri Manzil (1966)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle and Mohd.Rafi
Music: R D Burman
While the unsurpassed talent of Mohammad Rafi comes to fore with this superhit melody, he is well matched in the singing by incredibly empowering Asha Bhosle. It is a lively tune, a party song even today, and s track that lifts your feet off the ground and gets them tapping about the dance floor with crazy head banging! The music woven by Pancham da R.D. Burman was considered his first big success. As a bonus, you also get the wild wacky dance moves of Shammi Kapoor, worth emulating in party-goers of all ages.

12. Dil cheez kya hai

Film: Umrao Jaan (1981)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: Khayyam
The song itself is a gorgeous performance ghazal sung by Asha Bhosle, in a mood differing from the flirtatious exuberance of her earlier work on the funkiest soundtracks of the 70s.  Here she delivers the melodies with a placid, emotive sweetness plays great to the ear and a perfect match for the mood of the film. There have been many a soundtracks dedicated to the kotha and tabaif culture in the movies of those decades - but this one by Asha definitely stands out!

11. Yeh Mera Dil

Film: Don (1978)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: Kalyanji Anandji
The thrilling music and catchy tune of it makes the viewers wanting to listen to it time and again. The song was so successful that it won Asha the Filmfare award, and further got redone decades later with the making of Farhan Akhtar's new Don as well!

10. Aayiye Meharbaan

Film:  Howrah Birdge (1958)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: O.P Nayyar
Another one from the Nayyar-Bhonsle duo. The music starts with Asha humming the tune which entrances the viewers to hum along with her, conjuring romance in the air. The lyrics are simply amazing especially "kaise karoon mein bayaan dil ke? nahin zubaan". Asha's voice as the playback aptly suits Madhubala in this track.
9. Sapna Mera Toot Gaya

Film : Khel Khel Mein
Singers: Asha Bhonsle, RD Burman
Music: Maruti Rao, RD Burman
Despite Asha giving some smashing hits in the same movie like Ek Mei Aur Ek Tu and Khullam Khulla Pyar Karenge, Sapna Mera Toot Gaya clearly makes its way as the top chartbuster from the movie album. It expresses the melancholy of separation in a realistic evocative manner, with the pain the voice adding incredibility!
8.Parde Me Rehne Do

Film: Shikar (1968)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Lending her voice to the gorgeous Asha Parekh, Ashaji created a playful aura with this tune. Without a doubt, the song quickly climbed up the charts to become a mega hit that would live through generations!

7.Chori Pe Chori

Film: Saathiya (2002)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle , Karthik
Music: A R Rahman
Gradually drifting into music making for the youth, this is a fast paced song which truly sets its self apart from the rest in the album. Even at the age of 69, Asha could bring unbelievable amount of modulation in her vocals befitting the mood of the song, declaring thereby, that she was still here to stay!

6. Tanha Tanha

Film: Rangeela
Singers: ASha Bhonsle
Music: A R Rahman
Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena is by far the best track in the Rangeela album. With the outstanding vocals by Asha Bhonsle, the exceptional dance by Urmila, and the then evolving magic of musical maestro Rahman coming to fore, it was the number one on most of the charts in its time of the 90's!
5. Kambaqt Ishq

Film: Pyaar tune kya kiya (2001)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle, Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam
Music: Sandeep Chowta
An enthralling song that makes one live the character's emotions and unknowingly hum along to the music. Ashaji's energetic genius is distinctly discernible in this and one can see how much she enjoyed herself whilst singing the song!
4. Roz Roz Aankhon

Film: Jeeva (1986)
Singer(s): Asha Bhonsle, Amit Kumar
Music: RD Burman
This song would fill one's heart with joy. A melodious song with which rouses the singer in you, specially the verse where she starts humming "la la la". Very refreshing to the ears.
3. Mera kuch Samaan

Film: Ijazat (1986)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle
Music: RD Burman
Emotions are always very touching, so is this song. As the saying goes "dil chu liya hai", this song truly does it. RD Burman, Asha and Gulzaar's respective inputs add up to its brighter side. A very rare piece.
2. Woh Haseena Zulfon Wali

Film: Teesri Manzil (1966)
Singers: Ashs Bhonsle, Mohd. Rafi
Music: RD Burman
Lending her voice to dancing diva of her times, Helen, this peppy number is one of Asha's biggest hits. Starts with "Woh anjaana...doondti hon, woh deewana.." Deserved high among her top charts, with party mood induction and the urge to be involved with some crazy dance moves!

1.Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja

Film: Carvan (1971)
Singers: Asha Bhonsle, RD Burman
Music: RD Burman
Another Helen dance song (which could easily have been a top item number in today's norms) with Asha singing extremely catchy lyrics along he lines: "Monica, O my Darling". Asha's voice pulls in seductiveness when the hushed "Ah ha ha" escapes her. For sure the stealer of the whole song! And so the track holds number 1 in our charts.
There you have it, Asha Bhonsle's top 15 songs - then, and now. We can say that with Asha ji singing having taken a back seat in accord to her adding years, Hindi cinema is sure missing on one of its best melody queens!
BC sings Asha Bhosle a very happy birthday!

Asha Bhosle

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