‘Mujhe kyun maarna chahte hain log?’ Mumtaz Loses Calm over Death Hoax; Daughter Issues Clarification

Once again, reports of veteran actress Mumtaz’s death have surfaced on the Internet. Mumtaz is upset with the repetitive death hoax reports and stated that her family will announce the news when she dies...

 Mumtaz Loses Calm over Repetitive Death Hoax

Once again, reports of veteran actress Mumtaz’s death hoax surfaced on the Internet. The reports stated that the iconic actress has died and that her funeral would take place on Sunday.

However, this is not the first time such baseless rumours have surfaced on the Internet as this is about the third or fourth time a death hoax has surrounded Mumtaz.

Her daughter Tanya Madhvani has issued a clarification against all the rumours and asserted that her mother Mumtaz is healthy, happy and beautiful. Sharing a video of her mother and yesteryear actress, Mumtaz, she wrote :

"Message from my mother to her fans ! With another death hoax going around she is well and doing great ! Despite images of her being spread across the internet when she was fighting her cancer battle many years ago that claim she looks old ! . She is now healthy and happy and beautiful ! Give her a break she is 73 !"


In a recent chat with Times of India, Mumtaz rubbished all such reports and expressed her angst around the repetitive death hoax reports. “Oh! I am hale and hearty. Main abhi zinda hoon. I am glad someone called to check officially. I don’t know why someone is deliberately doing this. Is it some kind of a joke? Last year, it shook my family and everyone called in, worried sick. My near and dear ones were in different parts of the world and it traumatised all of them. In a way, it also troubled me a lot. This year, my daughters, grandkids, sons-in-law and my husband are all here with me in London. The lockdown has kept us all at home, together, and safe. Of course, I have more relatives around the world who got worried reading what made the rounds last night” she was quoted saying.

Mumtaz added: “Mujhe kyun maarna chahte hain log? Jab waqt aayega to main khud hi chali jaaongi.”


She further added that when she dies, her family will announce it and it will not be a secret.  “Jab marungi, to meri family officially bata degi sabko. It won’t be a secret. It will be all over the place, I know that and I am sure of that. Death is as real as life and everyone will face it some day. But I can’t get my head around these death hoaxes that make the rounds once or twice in the year about a few of us” she continued.

Mumtaz also mentioned that people should cross-check before spreading rumours. She concluded by saying that she is following the safety measures and is in good health as her kids are taking good care of her.


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