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'Muje Ram nahi toh Shyam hi mil jaaye' - Rakhi Sawant

NDTV Imagine will play matchmaker in finding the suitable groom for Rakhi Sawant. Here is Rakhi talking about her show, Rakhi ka Swayamvar..

Published: Friday,Apr 10, 2009 15:19 PM GMT-06:00
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The mandap is all set and the bride-in-waiting, Rakhi Sawant is on course for her 'Swayamvar' as NDTV Imagine turns matchmaker and hosts the 'Wedding of the Season' thro' the unique reality show 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar', wherein Rakhi will get married on National Television.

Here is Rakhi talking about her Swayamvar and the hunt for her groom..

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Why did you get the idea of a Swayamvar where you seek audience help in deciding your groom?
See, whether it be the reality shows or the controversies on TV, whatever I have said and done has come out in open on Television. There was a time when I was unknown to the world, but today all know me. I have always believed in saying whatever I had to say before camera, so now that I have decided to get married, why shouldn't the viewers know? For this, Swayamvar is the best idea and I have the guts to face the world and ask for a suitable groom.

Do you think you will succeed in getting your Dream man thro this Swayamvar?

Well, if Sita Mata could get Ram, 'muje Ram nahi toh Shyam hi mil jaaye'..

Rakhi is always known for her publicity stunts, so do you think people will take this seriously?
I am very much serious about the whole thing. Let me tell you one thing; there has not been anyone in this world who has taken such a bold step for marriage. I am Rakhi Sawant, and I always do things that are unusual and different. I am today's woman, who can think freely and decide for herself. When Kareena can bring about the trend of 'Zero Size', why can't Rakhi Sawant come up with the trend of Swayamvar on TV? There are so many superstars today who still walk the ramp and get their pants unbuttoned by their wives. I don't believe in all these things, and whatever I do is front of you all.
What about Abhishek?
Well, we have broken up, and that's all I would want to say.
What is your definition of marriage?

Marriage is a sacred relationship for me. I can say that 'Jeene marne ki kasam kha sakti hoon main'. Now I do feel the need to get married.

How should your ideal groom be?

I want the person to be committed to the relationship. I need a confident young man who has the fighting spirit and always speaks the truth. I will not mind a person who is six feet, but I will not prefer one with a big tummy (smiles). I will want a person who will accept me in spite of all my past controversies, and he should know to respect women. I have stayed alone from childhood, and I now need someone for myself. I also believe in joint family.
What if a guy marries you only for the sake of publicity?
This is why we have grueling auditions. I will personally audition each and every prospective groom. Mere shaadi hone se pehle hi mere talaaq ke bare main soch rahe ho. Bless me that I live a successful married life.
Did you charge any money from NDTV Imagine for the Swayamvar?
No I haven't charged any money. It's my marriage and I am thankful that they are supporting me and I am coming on National TV to conduct my Swayamvar.

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi
Author: Ranjini Nair

Pictures: Santosh

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indiakalra 13 years ago I think shes just faking or something because sometimes people o that to get more attention anyone agree with me??????
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smackdown_grl 13 years ago poor thing.the guys will cum jus for publicity.No indian mardh has the guts to love her trully n marry her.
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kgh212121 13 years ago of course she''s getting money of this no? what a lie.
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blueash 13 years ago No doc can treat her doc he pagal hojayega lol
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queny 13 years ago i dnt understand whats her problem she actually nedds sme help....
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Sweety-S 13 years ago I don''t want 2 say anything about her!!!She has 2 b taken 2 d mental hospital!!!!!
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aurpa08 13 years ago iss pagal ko koi mental hospital mein ley kar jayo.........
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manojisthebest 13 years ago muje to uske liye bura lag raha hai jo iski pati hogi! ! ! !
Raki aur kitna giro gi??? Apne ap ko bech rahi ho public ke liye! ! ! !
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cynical 13 years ago she needs help bigtime! koi pagalon k doctor ko bulaoo!!!
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nidhi2 13 years ago lolz she is sumething...i dunno i shuld say she is bold but at the same time i feel its marriage not a joke...its a sacred relationship..u dunt need to come out on tv for this...c''mon imean i can understand channels want these type of shows for TRP''s but rakhi...being a women is making ajoke out of this...its shameful and sad tat even tv producers are supporting this...
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