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Mudit Nayar opens up on why he was away from the screen!

Mudit Nayar starrer Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein is slated to release on Sony TV from 15th July onwards...


Amidst the trend of supernatural and mythological shows, Sony TV is breaking the barriers and bringing up fun-filled light hearted family dramas. Be it Ladies Special, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai or Patiala Babes, the shows are a light watch and come with great messages. Yet again, Sony TV is geared up to launch a new fun filled show titled ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’. Featuring Mudit Nayar in lead role, the show revolves around a hearing impared young lad called Yogi who looks at life in a positive way. 

In a candid conversation with India Forums, Mudit got up, close and personal about his return on TV after two years, playing a hearing impaired guy and much more. 

Tell us about the concept of the show and your character 

The show is basically a slice of life, light-hearted watch where I’m playing the central character named Yogi, who is basically deaf and mute. But here’s the difference, the audience will relate to his character just like every other boy-next-door character because there is nothing sympathetic about him. He’s just like any other boy who troubles everyone, loves his family, loves to sing and dance. His imparity doesn’t make it any different than normal guys out there. Yogi is not a bechara, he’s totally a prankster. 

How difficult is it to play a deaf and mute person and how did you prepare for your role?

It is difficult to play such a character for obvious reasons. You have to pull off the show without actually saying anything so it is quite a challenge for me. Thankfully the channel and the production house made sure I got proper training of sign language so that I can play my part with perfection. But we’re not going too technical with sign language because the normal audience will not be able to understand it then. 

Did you draw any inspiration from any fictional character or any person in real life for the role?

I watched a few videos and films like Barfi and Khamoshi, but I didn’t want to pick up much from other characters. I wanted to give it my own touch. 

You are returning to television after a couple of years, what kept you away from the screen?

Firstly, I got married last year so I was a little occupied during that period and why I was away from the screens was mostly because of the work that I was being offered. The kind of scripts that were coming my way were just the usual supernatural stuff that is trending now a days. I didn’t want to be a part of something like that at least for the time being and wait for a challenge. Luckily for me this show turned up and things went well. 

Bollywood actor Gajrao Rao directed the promo for the show. How was it working with him?

It was a brilliant experience, he himself is an actor and knows the craft very well. He understands how an actor’s frame of mind should be while shooting and he made sure that the actors are all comfortable and it was really fun. 

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SamW92 4 months ago Mudit Nayar is a very fine actor. He was good in Anamika, Badi Devrani but wasn't used properly in Devanshi. All the very best !
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