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Mrunal Jain's fitness mantra...

The handsome lad from Bandini talks about his fitness secrets and gives some tips...

What does Fitness mean to you?
Fitness is all about being active, and alert in mind and body.

Do you hit the gym on a regular basis?

Yes, I can't miss my gym activities. In the midst of my hectic schedule, I somehow squeeze time and work out at least four days in a week.

What does your exercise regime consist of?
I do more of weights and less of cardio. The pattern is three days of weights and one day of cardio.

Do you keep a check on your diet?

I avoid eating outside food and oily stuff.

What is your secret when it comes to fitness?
I drink nearly nine to ten litres of water everyday. I have a tendency of getting acne on my skin, but when I consume water, it clears everything. I also have one banana everyday.

Who do you idolize when it comes to being fit?

My dad, as he is very focused and active. 

Do you find yourself fitter after the work-our regime?

Yes, I have lost 5 Kg weight after I have caught up with the regular fitness regime.

What is the advice you would give readers?
Drink lots of water and increase your intake of salads.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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kgh212121 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Lord-Mangeshwar 11 years ago Excellent article!

It''s always fantastic when a TV star shares tips on important things like health and fitness... and so I hope to see many more articles like this!

I''m a fan of Mrunal Bhai, not only for his excellent acting, but also because he takes health and fitness very seriously - when a person keeps themselves in good shape, it shows that they are hardworking and dedicated individuals.

One thing worth mentioning also is Mrunal Bhai''s diet - he''s a strict vegetarian (just like my Holy self... hehehe!). Vegetarianism definitely contributes to keeping healthy.

God bless.
.Angel 11 years ago my god the guy is nice looking in everyway and from today I will start drinking water just like u..lolz
desichica 11 years ago Gosh he is such a hottie...i cant stop staring at that 6-pac....phew...i''m about to go faint!!!! Lolz!!1
ronitfan 11 years ago Santo ka hi dikra che !


bau saras bau saras!
paani-daar maal ..
cup_cake123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-CUTE- 11 years ago he is looking so good and nice pic of him right there.
gawker 11 years ago hai ram - dikro bahu saras che :)
yeh santo ka ladka hai kya?
Pari_Angle 11 years ago This content is hidden.
sailat@PA 11 years ago lookin'' cute!! i think he''d totally rock the stubble! :D
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