Monica Bedi tracks her husband of the past...

Monica regresses back to a lifetime in Portugal to reveal some astonishingly shocking facts on Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka Monday, December 14th @ 9.30p.m on Imagine

Every young girl has a simple dream of marrying the right man and having beautiful children and Monica Bedi is no exception. However, the beautiful actress wonders why her dreams have not yet come true! In spite of having a loving family in this lifetime, the feeling of loneliness overcomes her. To seek answers to the troubles that have been shadowing her life, Monica participated on Imagine's Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka.

Monica was taken back to her past life by Dr. Trupti Jayin and regressed back to the early 1900's somewhere in Portugal. During regression, she saw herself as a young woman happily married and blessed with three beautiful children. Her whole life seemed picture perfect until the day destiny had another plan in store for her. That day changed her life forever. However when probed further to identify the man who was her husband in that lifetime, Monica was dumb-struck and broke down. She was stunned at the at the revelations that came forth during the regression.

An overwhelmed Monica says, "It was an amazing experience to undergo the past life regression. I saw many things that are related to my present life which really moved me and I cried my heart out which made me feel very light. I am sure this experience is going to help me overcome the fears of my present life and I am looking forward to see a positive change in me."

What shocked Monica is that even in this life time she had a connection with Portugal and even met the man who was her husband in her past life. 

Tune in Imagine and watch  Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka as Monica Bedi unearths some shocking secrets and revelations from her past life on Monday 14th December at 9.30 p.m.


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Yuvika_15 10 years ago i find this all fake...but interesting outcomes i tell ya...
.shona. 10 years ago i dnt get it y so many articles on this show?
its so fakee & unreal
Natkat 10 years ago How many articles on this stupid show and how many articles of monica bedi being on this show. first they said she does a brida now she found her husband. so what did she find so shocking of her husband from the past that her husband of her past was also abu salem.
sweetchilly1234 10 years ago dimag ne story pakai.....subconscious mind mein reh gayi...aur woh bahar ubhar kar aayi...complete science hehehehe.....lol
sharadthanekar 10 years ago काया आम आदमी को नहीं मिलेगा मौका ....... क्या सिर्फ सेलिब्रिटी को मिलेगा मौका ???? मेरी भी कोई कहानी है . फिर हमको क्यों नहीं मिलता एक बार मौका क्या हम आम आदमी है इसलिए ???
-Imu.M- 10 years ago I can't believe the Number of articles related to this SHOW! I wonder why people are even interested in posting articles related to shows like this,

We can tell it's Scripted!
Let's say this is religious,

Don't you think if we had to know about our Past life we would have known by ourselves ??

If they can get us to see our Past, why not the future ??

I Seriously hate this show, they are acting like GOD! Seriously, I can't believe this is actually been Aired that too on a decent channel Like NDTV Imagine!
sanober. 10 years ago its scripted becoz there is not any pichla or agla janam..2009-12-14 04:40:47
mehraan 10 years ago scriptd..making a greater fool out of us..it luks phony
Ismaail 10 years ago ndtv should get award on making a scrpted reality show
yipee 10 years ago uff this looks like a 100% scripted show
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