Mohit Sehgal & Sanaya Irani plan to spend a quiet evening together on Valentine's Day!

The busy couple says they don’t believe in celebrating Valentine's Day since they both feel that you should be loving every day, however that does not deter them to having a little special plan of spending the evening together.

The much adorable pair Mohit & Sanaya have been together for few years now and the complacency seems to have set in their relationship as the couple does not sound too keen on celebrating or doing anything special this year on Valentine Day.

Sanaya Irani who is these days busy shooting for Nautanki Film Rangrasiya on Colors in fact sounds upset when asked about her plans with Mohit, "I am done with all that and really don't want to talk about how I am going to celebrate the day with Mohit. Actually for me it is not any special day since I believe in being loving to all every day. I have in fact never celebrated Valentine Day earlier too!" says an exasperated Sanaya who sounded tired of the shoot at the end of a long day. That she had a dreaded eye infection only seemed to have worsened matters. So what is love according to her? "For me love should be unconditional and only then you can truly love the other person whether it is your partner, your parents or your siblings. No matter how much you fight with them they are there for you and that matters."

Surprisingly, Mohit too reciprocated her feelings when we spoke to him and said, "Even I don't believe in Valentine being special but we still celebrate it. I like to do things for Sanaya and she too wants to do special things for me but she keeps on thinking but doesn't get time to plan and do it," says Mohit who seems to be very understanding as a boyfriend. Sanaya has earlier too admitted that he is more giving in their relationship, is he okay with it? "Yes, I am perfectly fine with it. Sanaya is made that way and I don't want to change her."

Sanaya admits that Mohit is the more romantic amongst both of them as he keeps her happy by doing small things for her, "I am super unromantic person and very practical in real life. I really don't understand how to be a romantic and what to do to be one! I want to be but don't know how and every time I think and try to plan something for some or the other reason I can never do it and it never happens." She remembers her college days when she was young and would in fact wait for someone to ask her out. "When I was young I never felt special on this day since I never had a date to go out. I was very much like a boy and most of my friends would consider me to be like a little boy. So all my friends would be celebrating with their partners and seeing me alone my father would tell
me I will take you out.' So I have grown up with the feeling that Valentine is meant to be not only with your loved one but also with your family and friends."

However with Mohit in her life Sanaya has no complaints, "Mohit however does a lot of things for me and is thus completely opposite to me. He does small little gestures which make me happy. He also goes out of the way to celebrate little things in my life. He has infact done so many things that if you ask me to pick up one I will not be able to choose!"

That sounds true when Mohit speaks about all the things he has done to keep Sanaya happy, "I indulge in small sweet little things that I know will keep her happy. Like I like making my own bunch of flowers so I go to the florist and pick and choose the flowers and then make the bouquet too with my own hands. I never buy a ready made bouquet and it lends a special touch too. I am also good at planning things and surprising Sanaya, like once I planned a small vacation with friends and then one more time when I wanted to gift her something I made her find it by creating a treasure hunt at home with friends around cheering her."

With both of them busy with their respective daily soaps, currently, Mohit is making an effort of keeping the spark alive in the relationship by going off to meet Sanaya whenever he can, "Luckily the sets of Qubool Hai and Rangrasiya are very close to each other in the suburbs of Mumbai so whenever I get free time which is around lunch time I go over to her set, have food with her and come back."

And as much as the very pragmatic Sanaya would want to say that she has no special plans for Valentine, the die-hard romantic Mohit as usual is eager to make that day special for her, "We both have taken some time off from our shoot so we are planning to pack up early on Valentine Day and spend the evening together with a nice dinner plan too. And obviously I will also do something special for her which is a surprise at the moment."

We hope now Sanaya does not have any complaints of not having a partner for Valentine and celebrates it with her love!

Seema Khot Mattoo


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