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Mission Mangal Review: Someone please Abort this mission! (2/5)

The over-hyped drama should have been a documentary rather than a 3hr film...


Mission Mangal is loosely based on the story of scientists at Indian Space Research Organisation who contributed to the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), which marked India's first interplanetary expedition.

For starters, let's analyze Mission Mangal from a cinematic angle and not a way to spread chauvinism.

Mission Mangal fails to serve any cinematic value, while you expect a decent amount of entertainment, there is no guarantee that it will impress you. There's no doubt we need to appreciate the achievements accomplished by our scientists who have been underdogs in the race to reach the space. But, why make an unnecessary dramatized version of their personal lives when the makers couldn't define their characters according to the script?

The film definitely lacks itself on the direction as the sequences from this storyline make no sense what-so-ever. While Bollywood had literally escalated its standards by crafting magnificent cinema in terms of visuals, how come Mission Mangal failed to add the same aesthetic touch on big-screen? Meanwhile, the film is very predictable if you know the stages of a plot/traditional narrative structure.

Mission Mangal being 'loosely based on true events', still, the film sketches fictional reality which is not even a bit close to the actual plot based on the Indian heroes who set a benchmark. Agreed, the MOM mission stimulated Indian Space research programs and raised ISRO when they practically had no funding. And wouldn't it be much more sensible if director Jagan Shakti had actually focused on details and stoped the overuse of 'home science' essence throughout the entire film?

However, the film offers a good sense of humor which also has its highs and lows. While the film has issues on scripting, the film definitely could have done a better job with an ensemble of the cast which shouldn't have let anyone down. 

Vidya Balan is definitely an excellent actor and pairing up with Sonakshi, Taapsee, Kriti, Nithya should have at least bloomed her talent to hold her role. Akshay Kumar always has always had his own persona throughout his entire career and he did hold on to his character. Sonakshi Sinha, Kriti Kulhari and Nithya Menen snuck out an average deal in this overdramatized flick.

Taapsee was always seen performing strong independent characters which go head-on to tackle all her problems, and Mission Mangal has successfully managed to feature her in a new look and a new avatar that will be the highlight of the film.

In conclusion, the film is definitely the right choice for all the fans who blindly devour the fictional reality and try to find entertainment from the film every possible way. Even with the massive mistakes committed by makers, the film might be a success as it has rightfully planned the release date. With all the hype that the film created, it could have been really better but it turns out to be an over-patriotic drama which will definitely crank up some chauvinists.

Ratings- 2/5

Disclaimer- This review is a piece of personal preferences and opinions. They tend to differ from person to person.

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poiu123 4 months ago The film earned 200cr. Looks like audience did not agree with this review.
magicalM 5 months ago Movie is good and ine time watch ,its enteraining and inspirational also.
paircube 5 months ago You said - "Agreed, the MOM mission stimulated Indian Space research programs and raised ISRO when they practically had no funding." I believe it is 'simulation' not 'stimulation' that ISRO carried out.
bithee 5 months ago idiot writer of india forums, a simple india forums writer writes reviews, nonsense. Its like someone who has no whatsoever sense of fashion giving fashion advise to an Hollywood actress.
Cshafkat 5 months ago "Aboard this mission". Honestly who are these idiots who write these articles? You fools really need to improve your grammar!
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