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Miss home-made soft Chapati’s and Fish Fry: Rishi Kapoor reveals

Recently Rishi Kapoor opened up about what he misses about Mumbai and much more…


Rishi Kapoor has been away from home for more than 10 months now. The actor, who was being treated for cancer in New York and then was declared scot-free in April, has been spending time missing home. In an interview with Mid-Day, the veteran revealed the things that he has been missing, how he hopes he would participate in Ganesh Chaturthi puja, and also revealed a funny incident where he was mistaken for an ex-waiter.

Being a big foodie that he is, Rishi shared that the thing that he misses the most is pomfret fry and home-made chapattis. He said, “I miss eating pomfret; it’s not available here. I also miss the soft homemade chapatis. You get all sorts of naan and rotis, but those soft chapatis made of chakki ka atta are something else!”

The Bobby actor also shared how he dealt with the disease and learnt to be calm and patient in the time that he has stayed in New York. He shared, “I have learnt to remain calm with my family and fans. I owe it to them; they have given me so much love and sent good wishes. Neetu has been my rock and has shouldered all the responsibilities. So has been my family, who would drop in to give me the strength to battle my illness.”

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During the interview, the 66-year-old actor shared a hilarious incident, where he was mistaken as an ex-waiter after the staff of the restaurant came one-by-one to meet him. 

He shared, “Once I was at a restaurant, which had several Bangladeshi waiters. Each of them came and greeted me. One of the American staff members thought I was an ex waiter there, which is why the staff was talking to me. They were so embarrassed, but I laughed all the way back home.”

Not just that, Rishi also said that taxi drivers often don't charge money from him in New York. He said, "Taxi drivers don't take money, they only want a selfie with me."

The actor, who was last seen in Jhootha Kahin Ka as Sunny Singh's father, also mentioned that he hopes to be home to participate in Ganesh Chaturthi puja. He said: “Celebrating Ganpati is a family tradition. So, I am hoping to be part of it.”

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Credits: Mid-Day

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