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Mira shares playtime banter between Misha - Zain and it's too adorable to miss: Cute pics below

Zain pinched Misha; that's how she reacted: Mira shares their playtime banter and it's too cute to miss...


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor keep sharing adorable pictures of their tiny tots, son Zain Kapoor and daughter Misha Kapoor on their social media handles. Both the babies are a bundle of cuteness and along with that also a ball of mischievousness.

An hour back, Mira shared a series of pictures revealing the playtime banter between Zain and Misha. While Zain is younger to Misha, like an elder sister, she makes sure to take care of her little brother and being the younger one, the little champ is surely the naughtier. And this has been quite evident from Mira's post.

Sharing a series of pictures, Mira wrote alongside the cute banter between Misha and Zain. Misha was trying to teach Zain how to hold a flower and in return he pinched her and that's when she cries and calls out her Mom.

Mira's caption read: (Here, Z stands for Zain, M stands for Misha and the numbers denote the series of the photos)

"1. Z: “Oh cool can I play with that flower”

2. M: “Ya let me help you hold it”


Check out the post and the pictures below:

Cuteness overloaded! Isn't it?

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Courtesy : Instagram


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