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Milind Soman, the angel in Amber and Dhara's life on October 30th

Amber and Dhara escape from the circus, only to face more ironies of life.. Enter Milind Soman into the serial, who acts as a precursor for the girls, exudes the much-needed confidence in Amber and Dhara..


Amber & Dhara escape from the circus…with the help of some of their well-wishers there. On their journey, they face innumerable hurdles-- chasing goons, anti-social elements trying to trap them, ridiculing pubic…Finally they find themselves in a fancy dress party. The glitz & glamour, the loud music & dance, colorful lot of people…all simply scared them. Soon they realize that they are at a party where the city's who's who is present. Most of the people at the party are oblivious of their presence and do not even recognize AmberDhara. And when they do notice them, their being conjoined makes for a great fancy dress idea! The girls are surprised & shocked at the irony of life-- whether it is the circus, or the fancy dress party, nobody wants to accept them as they are. They are recognized as freaks or are looked upon as conjoined twins who are different from the rest.

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Dejected & disappointed they recall that ma was right all along. Truly this world is not a place for them and they are disheartened, and moving out of the party when they stumble upon a guest at the party. This guest (played by Milind Soman) is dressed up like an angel. Though he is completely drunk, he is kind, caring, and protective and guides them to the railway station. In spite of his drunken stupor he advises them. He says that they must believe in destiny and fate. Everything that happens in life has a meaning and a special underlying message.... and it is this message they need to understand and move on with life.

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The meeting with the angel continues to play on minds of the girls. They are in a dilemma whether they should or should not go back home to Panchgani. They soon begin to understand what the angel said and make up their mind. From here on Amber & Dhara decide to put the circus tragedy behind them, the bitter past is best forgotten… and with loads of self confidence, they decide to pursue their dream of finding name, fame & fortune and carving a niche for themselves in this big world, a world they can happily call their own. This is only the beginning of their journey…

Will they make it to the destination? What is in store for them?

Stay tuned to Amber Dhara from Monday to Thursday at 9.00 p.m only on Sony Entertainment television.

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Milind Soman

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bugs_bunny 12 years ago lots of expectations to live up to...

Hope it does well!!
Lifez_Beautiful 12 years ago i hope milind is seen in more episodes 4m nw..... he is sooooooo cute !!! n the last foto... well shall i say...
a drunken angel !!... so cuteee !! :D
adoremevirgo 12 years ago that means milind soman will be there in only one episode and no more?
Tani91 12 years ago wow...Amber Dhara just keeps getting better and better...thanks for sharing..cant wait
pomegranate 12 years ago ummmm... i don't know what to say.... just wierd
tina_sre 12 years ago I guess the story is becoming more interesting....poor girls heart goes out to them
Ms. Bholi Bhali
Ms. Bholi Bhali 12 years ago ooooh they got a hot hot angel!!!

now I think I have to start watching this soap. lolzz

Thanks for the article!
ammmu 12 years ago Wow, that's really interesting, Milind Soman is good... will def watch, thanks!
xoxramxox 12 years ago not liking his hair.. but excited about him entering the show
swt.smileee 12 years ago is getting soooo interesting..cant watch milind on it toooo....
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