Meri Doli Tere Angana - First Look!!

Take a First Look at Zee's New Afternoon Saga "Meri Doli Tere Angna"!!!

Zee TV, India's largest media and entertainment conglomerate is now all set to make a mark for themselves with a brand new saga of a simple girl and her tryst with destiny. The Channel is all set to launch their new serial “Meri Doli Tere Angana” , starting May 21st Monday to Thursday at 2.00 pm.

The star cast provides a mixed-bag of both senior and experienced actors along with some fresh faces. Priyamvada and Gaurav Channa play the protagonists , others in the star cast include Pankaj Berry, Madhvi Gokhte.

This show produced by Rahul Bhatt’s Production House Film Tonic is the story of a simple girl Simran, who belongs to a very traditional Punjabi family. Simran an orphan who is brought up by her uncle and aunt, agrees for an arranged marriage. But Destiny has something else in store for her. The day of her marriage reveals a bitter truth, but this does not stop Simran from carrying on the duties of a responsible wife and daughter-in-law of the most affluent and respected family in the city.

So will this new serial dominate the afternoon TRP’s for Zee? What is the bitter truth that Simran gets to know about her husband? Our reporter tried to find out some of these from the actor Gaurav Channa, who plays the role of Ruhaan Oberoi, husband of Simran.

“This is the story of a simple girl, Simran who gets married to Ruhaan Oberoi. Ruhaan Oberoi, the character I play is a guy who is torn apart between his past and present. He is surely a positive character, but it is the situation that has taken a toll on him. Ruhaan Oberoi is a rich business tycoon, he is the younger son of the illustrious and affluent Oberoi household. He is a very affectionate guy, he is a loving and doting son to his parents." Says the actor.

"The story , " continues Gaurav, " starts from the point where the audience does not know about the bitter past in Ruhaan’s life. Ruhaan is very uncertain in thoughts, wherein situations are the catalyst to his confusion. He makes one such big decision that turns out to be a big turning point in his life… The story unfolds there and the rest is to be seen..!!! “, enthuses the actor, signing off.

So how does Simran fight with the shadow of her husband’s past and get him back? Will her inner strength and resilience help her come out of this as a winner, will she win the love of her husband? Whether the serial will be able to maintain the stronghold of Zee in family soaps will soon be revealed. To know all about it, watch “Meri Doli Tere Angana” from May 21st, the struggle of Simran who is totally commited to achieving her goal!!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: Sree

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Love u so much Gaurav...ur the best...miss u

13 years ago

thr male protagonist name is gaurav khanna and not gaurav channa

16 years ago


Thnx alot for this!

16 years ago

thx.....sounds like a typical story though

17 years ago

Well the concept isnt new. However, im looking forward to how creative are the writers in using the same concept but with a different twist...
Thanks for the Article... =)

17 years ago

Thnks..im sure Gaurav wl do gr8..gudluck 2 hm

17 years ago

The promos and the article make the show look vry promising!!
Will definitely check it out!

17 years ago

hehe garu ji looks so diff frm his character in kumkum....total diff getup....neways cnt wait 4 the show 2 start

17 years ago

justs aw the pormos.. it was wow.. im lookign froward to this show

17 years ago

nice article..cnt wait for the show!!

17 years ago

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