Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi to take a 6 month leap!

Read on to know about the high voltage drama prior to the leap...

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Gear up for some high voltage drama in Colors' Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi as the show is all set to take a 6 month leap!

What? How? Why? 

We are sure the ardent fans of the show have similar questions running in their minds. So without wasting much time, let's get into the details!

In the episodes ahead, Ritika (Smritii Khanna) will beg for forgiveness for all her wrong doings. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) will be shocked to learn that she killed Falguni. Aggravated with anger, Ranveer will come close to Ritika and in a fit of rage, Ritika will retaliate by slashing him with a glass piece.

A source informs us, "Ritika will be arrested for her deeds and show will take six months leap. Before leap the viewers will see Kailash (Shahab Khan) will be asking forgiveness from Ishani (Radhika Madan). Surprisingly, Amba (Utkarsha Naik) too will realize her mistakes and will accept Ishani as her daughter-in-law."

But post the leap what is it that awaits us? What is destined for Shikhar? Are Ishaani and Ranveer happily married?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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Comments (27)

I hope the leap after after a proper Ishveer reunion

8 years ago

Omg it's leap year in meri aashuqui tum see hi lol hmm what awaits post leap I know amit tondon coming to ruin lives of ishvee
PS sorry if I bored anyone with my comment
Happy that amit tondon is back
Radhika Mandan love you

8 years ago

now they will make Shikhar new VILLIAN

8 years ago

Want Ishveer 2gether dats it.. Shakti & Radhika r fabulous :)

8 years ago

Wow.. CV's.. ur stupidity/dumbness never fails to amaze me. it is our fault to expect something good, something real, something different from u... but every time u proves that u ppl r same old dumbos who can't think beyond saas, sautan, cross couples, 3 to n'th remarriage's, pre marriage pregnancies, return of dead's, inessential leaps, forever virgin lead couples n their seperation=TRP'S . clap.. clap..

8 years ago

again leap, let see what going to happen to new track, anyways , shakti arora, u always rocking MATSH, keep rocking

8 years ago

I am fine with the leap as long as Ishveer are in good terms with each other. I am not interested in seeing misunderstanding between them.

Shakti Radhika forever

8 years ago

I want shikhar and ishani 2gether as a husband and wife not Rv. Rv ko ishani ko khoke yeh ahesaas hona chahiye ki usne kya khoya hai. long live shikhani

8 years ago

Whatever leap or not..but just get them together we have had enough of the nonsense septation cvs r showing since last leap...and pls stop the promise devi drama ..and give ishaani some brains she can leave mumbai and leave shikhar but not go to rv why who is stopping her .god knows whats in her mind...and now what raaz amba kalash is having.mush be another crap of cvs..but I hope atleast this time ishveer will be together..or else go to hell matsh. ..

8 years ago

Leaps are so yesterday! Seriously! The whole "getting them close to marriage/realizing their feelings only to not let them be together much longer is annoying as heck! Come on writers!
Do you guys know no such thing as creativity!? Borrow some brains and do it different! Shakti and Radhika aka Ishveer need some break from all the madness in their lives! Oh and especially from Amba!

8 years ago

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