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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali undergoes time slot change, Vidrohi to take the slot

Producer Sandip Sikand confirmed the news about the time slot change of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali and Virodhi

Star Plus' Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali will soon undergo a major change. The channel has decided for a time slot change of the show and the show will be enabling the same soon.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is currently airing at 6.30PM and will soon be shifted to 5.30PM from 11th October . The newly launched show, Vidrohi will be coming on the 6:30 PM slot.

Confirming the same Producer Sandip Sikand posted on his social media he mentioned, "Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali will shift to 5.30PM slot from 11th October. So keep watching and keep enjoying. I said you will always hear it from me first."

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Star Plus upcoming show ‘Vidrohi’, produced by Gatha productions is one of the most talked about and awaited projects on the channel. Actors like Sharad Malhotra, Sulagna Panigrahi and Shilpa Talsukar will be seen playing pivotal roles in the show.

Also Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali has had many twist and turns in the show which has hence been keeping its audience glued to the show. Raghav and Pallavi Jodi has been loved by the audience.

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partner 2 months ago There are other shows not doing as well as MHRW, then why target MHRW. Let's pray the show completes it run as predestined
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SnOwfay 2 months ago I think people don't like the current plot of mhrw that's why trp decreased and channel uses this opportunity and shift this show to 5:30 pm. Feel bad as i love this show and dont want this end any time.
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MHRW99 2 months ago I’m boycotting the channel and hot star after # MHRW … sick of this channel gimmicks . Today they are saying trp is 1 next week they will say it’s 0.9 hence we are changing the slot . Sab antaryami hai Kya ??? All stupid gimmicks.. sick sick sick !
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azaanabbas 2 months ago This is so wrong, boycotting vidrohi
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No.1StarPlusFan 2 months ago It’s a shame that SP is not being patient. Arre give a show time to blossom. See, either don’t give green signal to bring shows on air at proven flopped slots, or if you do bring, then at least have the decency to minimum give each show 150 episodes to properly establish. After 150 you can axe if you’re not happy. What about all those viewers who form that segment which makes 1.1 trp? What about their feelings? When Sony-Sab-Zee-And-Star Bharat give ample time to their prime time shows getting below 1 trp why can’t you appreciate that MHRW has crossed 1.0 even at a DEAD slot?

There are only 2 solutions. Either give all early evening shows [MHRW, CKMDK, ZMGA] a 6 month extension and end all 3 and then forever discontinue your early evening band. Start Vidrohi at 7.00

Or shift the shows that are under performing according to greedy SP to afternoon,

1.00 pm |CKMDK
1.30 pm |MHRW
2.00 pm |ZMGA
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AaliAawasthi 2 months ago I can proudly say that I am a huge fan of every show that airs on Star Plus currently and I usually like to keep myself well caught up with every show on Star Plus, on a daily basis, that is of course with the exception of YRKKH and ZMGA, so the timeslot change of MHRW is something that I am not very happy about either, in the slightest, like all of the other fans of the show, I`m certain of it being the dumbest doomest decision made by the channel on behalf of the show and it`s fate, shame on the channel for their consistent inconsiderability, which has been at the peak over the years, they`re just insanely inconsiderate.
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AaliAawasthi 2 months ago In my opinion, Star Plus should have never begun the early evening timeslots in the first place when they already know through enough prolonged experience that those don`t work anymore and it`s a fact, if they`re greedy for TRPs, then unless they have a proper prime timeslot to allocate to a show, they shouldn`t bother launching it in the first place because no matter what anyone else might say, the timeslot of a show and how prime of a timeslot or how non-prime of a time slot it is, matters because it`s partially what contributes massively to a show`s potential success or failure, so if it`s the early evening timeslots that are letting them down, then they ought to get rid of those, they should never have launched Chiko Ki Mummy Dur Kei in the 6pm slot, having had experience with what happend with ANNS, only very recently. The fact is, nowdays on Star Plus, primetime is 7:30pm-11pm and anything earlier than that is considered early evening, they`re doing tremendously fabulously well all the way from Pandya Store to Yeh Hai Chahatein, though I strongly feel that if anything, Virodhi should have gotten the 7pm time slot and ZMGA should have moved to the 5:30pm slot or ended. But ever since the first season of SNS has ended, all of us loyal viewers of Star Plus over the years must have noticed how the 7pm slot has smply been cursed ever since then and no show ever lasts long enough in the 7pm slot ever since then, the issue is that those timeslots of 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 7pm are no longer for Star Plus and seemingly no longer convenient for Star Plus viewers either, by the looks of it, so they should learn their lesson, accept the fact and generally get rid of those slots somehow, without having to get rid of the shows that air in those slots, that have great potential and perhaps move them to either the 11 pm slot or stream them online on Hotstar.
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rs-shailu29 2 months ago over confident sandip sir thank u for ur tadka dal show has been ruined completely now this slot change what next axe ...u deserve it but we never deserved it nor sai ketan /shivangi such a talented bunch u failed to cash them ur love for deshmukh backwas tracks u ruined pair next time dont come up with show because ur disaster in writing and editing u better produce and let cv's do there thing ur best in casting better u do so rest let team decide ....sai shivangi didnt deserve this
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AaliAawasthi 2 months ago No way! Quite an unfair decision made by the channel authorities. Especially given the fact that MHRW was doing a lot better than the 2 shows on the channel that it sat amongst and in between, it`s TRP stands out when you view it compared to the show that airs before it and the show that airs after it, Star Plus are going to highly regret their decision, they have already ruined the future of a show like Virodhi that has got great potential and it`s a very promising, interesting concept, it`s a shame it had to end up with the 6:30pm slot. By my reckoning, it`s quite unusual for a show of the same genre and category as Virodhi to have got the 6:30pm time slot before, I have never in the whole history of watching Tv soaps have I ever seen that before, feeling sorry for them already as their show is heading downhill before the beginning aready with the timeslot they have at hand and then later the channel are going to pressurise them for TRPs. MHRW was still doing quite decently at the 6:30pm slot, it was a show that belonged to the 6:30pm slot, it suited the 6:30pm slot in every way, the current track had potential to make the TRPs go higher, but unfortunately the channel weren`t patient enough, sadly. As for MHRW, very soon it will have hit a dead end, thanks to the 5:30pm time slot, because look at ANNS, they couldn`t last a proper month in the 5:30pm slot, so I am assuming that we can expect the same fate with Virodhi

Although, my personal prediction was that they`d allocate the 7pm slot to Virodhi (which is similar to what they did with Karn Sangini, a couple of years ago and either end ZMGA directly due to low TRPs or shuffle it earlier to the 5:30pm slot, but nothing of that sort happend and unfortunately, it`s poor MHRW that has to suffer the timeslot change instead! There are more shows coming on Star Plus very soon, about two more that are set for launch this year, so we all know that either way, ZMGA will be the next one to either end or have a timeslot cha
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partner 2 months ago MHRW has been giving tough competition to its rival shows, infact doing better than 7pm time slot. Then why it has to undergo slot change?
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