Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali actress Sayli Salunkhe: I don't think Keerti is wrong anywhere, genuinely loves Sunny

Sayli Salunkhe spoke to India Forums about the track and people she is close to on the sets of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.

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Sayli Salunkhe

Star Plus show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali continues to grab a lot of attention for the constant twists and turns in the show. Along with the story of Pallavi and Raghav, there's also a story running along, that of Keerti (Sayli Salunkhe) and Sunny (Kushagre Dua). The two have always received a mixed response to their characters. However, the show has brought about quite a few changes in the recent past.

India Forums got in touch with Sayli to know what does she think about the track, and her bond off-sets. Ask her how has she been enjoying the current track of the show, and she sure has a lot to say. She told us, ''It is not me who is enjoying, it is Sunny who is enjoying, because Keerti is completely and blindly in love with Sunny, she doesn't even know what he has been planning, she is very innocent and sweet, and without telling you what is up next, keep watching the show to see what happens. I don't think Keerti is wrong anywhere and genuinely loves Sunny, because she does not know what is happening.''

About who she bonds with on sets, she tells, ''I am really close to my amma, Geeta Tyagi ma'am, she is a very sweet lady and a fine artist, and I just love her. And the second person is Kushagre Dua. We have a lot of scenes together so we get to know each other better, and that is the only reasons. About Kushagre, he is a nice person, a good actor, and he supports me and helps me. When there are scenes where I feel I can't do something, he tells me what else I can do to make the scene better.''

The show is produced by Sandiip Films and SOL Productions

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