Megha Gupta upbeat about her marriage!!

Megha Gupta is excited for her upcoming marriage with Fame Adlabs owner, Aditya Shroff that is to happen on December 10th..

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Megha Gupta is right now on cloud nine as she is all set to wed the Fame Adlabs owner, Aditya Shroff. Megha who has been seen in shows like Sony TV's Kkusum, Star Plus' Kkavyanjali, Nach Baliye, Imagine's Main Teri Parchhain Hoon, Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg is getting married to Aditya on December 10th.

As we know, Megha Gupta was earlier dating Director Nissar Parvez. Even before this, she was seen partnering Naman Shaw in Star Plus reality show Nach Baliye.

Our source from the industry tells us that, "Megha was supposed to marry Nissar in December. Meanwhile, Aditya Shroff who was earlier the boy friend of Dabangg heroine Sonakshi Sinha, saw Megha in a party and that is where he got impressed with her. He sent in a proposal to marry Megha; this is how the marriage got finalized. They are slated to marry on December 10th".

TellyBuzz contacted Megha who told us, "Yes, we have decided to tie the knot in December and are very excited for the occasion".

Talking about her marriage preparations Megha goes on, "As everyone knows, marriage preparation is a never ending process which goes on till the date of the wedding, and even after it gets completed. As of now, I am running here and there for the preparations, guest list etc".

"Our wedding is going to be a small event with less number of invitees, otherwise everything is going smooth with the arrangements so far," adds Megha.

Ask her about her affair with Nissar earlier, and she quips, "It's my personal life and I would not like to say anything on it".

Telly buzz wishes the couple a happy marriage and life ahead!

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Comments (15)

couchpotato..she broke up and moved on with her life and so did her fiancee who was dating sonakshi. I guess its time to tell your relative Nissar to move on too.they found each other after their break ups. and congratulations again to the happy couple.

13 years ago

Oh right...and this marriage isn't a part of your personal life? LOL!

13 years ago

Ok, well Im related to Nissar and right now my heart if breaking for him! I dont know how many people know this but this isnt the first time she has done this to Nissar. She was with him BEFORE NB4, she then left him to so the show and have a fake relationship with Naman. Then not long after that show ended she went back to Nissar. It took my family a while to forgive her but since we all thought Nissar was happy, we were happy too. Now, they were supposed to get married in Dec, this has been the plan since last yr, not just a mere month away from the wedding she's engaged to another man! She was two timing Nissar who is a great guy! there is something very wrong with her!

13 years ago

Guys..heres the REAL story,since I KNOW her..naman n her were never a couple..nissar yes she dated him n they broke up (so what) and aditya and her actually dated for 6months .NO he didnt see her at a party and send a proposal.The reporter probably imagined that! but all the best for wedding megha.

13 years ago

dont knw wht to sy bt leaving naman was surely a mistakeee for her

13 years ago

so he just sent the marriage proposal...just like getting to know each other and luck to the both...

13 years ago

omg nooo!!! Megha and Naman were the cutest jodi! this guy is ugh! bad choice Megha but its ur life so watever

13 years ago

Seriously guys, stop acting like the Moral Police. You do not know these actors personally; all you are familiar with is their on-screen personas so it's really not your job to make comments about their private character or their motivations. You know nothing about them excpet what the media reports so don't use that to judge who they are. It makes you sound really pretentious.
Just appreciate them as actors and wish them well. Not everything is everyone's business to comment on.

13 years ago

nissar is wayy better looking! he deserves someone better thn her.

13 years ago

First she was with naman for NB4 then she dumped him then she started her relationship with Nissar and than she dumped him too and Now with this GUY ...Whats wrong with these girls.. no selfrespect.....I just hope she does not dump this guy to someone else.. I never thought Megha will be like that..She is very different from waht we see her Onscreen ...I think She chose him due to MONEY :)

13 years ago

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