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Meet the Onscreen Jodi of Sab's Love Story

Telly Buzz brings to you the second part of A Rendezvous' with Onscreen Love Jodis; this time, on the hot seat are Mishal Raheja and Payal Sarkar of Sab's Love Story...

Published: Thursday,Oct 25, 2007 11:49 AM GMT-06:00
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As we continue to travel on the path of the on screen love jodi's, let's get little more familiar with LOVE .

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Love is like a key that can open any heart, love is like a friendship that you have to have , love is like an emotion you cannot live without, and love is also about understanding the words that are not spoken. When in love, close your eyes and you wil see only that person; your heart tends to beat faster when you are with the person you love; and your world seems to revole only around the person you love. Do you experience any of these feelings? Well, if yes, then tell yourself that you are surely in love..

With a smile and a hug ,something started between them, difference more than similarities is what this LOVE STORY couple is all about. Our second love jodi is none other that Love Story's Akash and Shruti, the innocent romance of a politician's niece, and a reserved college backbencher, who have not still been able to be together. Although away from each other, their love does not need the help of words, since they feel it in the depths of their hearts. Let's catch up with the actors who play the ready-to-die for each other love birds, Mishal Raheja and Payal Sarkar, and get to know more about Love from them...

Mishal Raheja:

What does love mean to you?

It is the biggest gift by God in life.

To what extremes would you go to get the person who you love?

I would go to any extreme to get the person I am in love with, but will not kill or cheat. I will do anything that is possible in all fairness, to get the person I love.

At times, people don't marry the person they love, and the person they are married to, may not necessary fall in love with them, if something like this happened to you, what would you do?

I don’t think I will get myself in such a situation to begin with. If I get married to a person i dont love, I will be spoiling my life, as well as the girl’s life too. Then, everything will be a compromise and not love. This marriage might fool others, but the marriage can create negative vibes in us, which is not good. After having said this, I would still say that, I will never get into a situation like this. I will rather live single and have fun, rather than marry a person who I don’t love. (Laughs)

Is love something that is pre planned by destiny, or is it more about two people just 'clicking' with each other?

I believe in destiny, and whatever is destined to happen, will happen.

What do you prefer, a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Well, if my mom arranges my marriage with Katrina Kaif, then I will surely go for arranged.(Laughs) Otherwise, I will prefer love marriage.

What is Mishal’s favorite romantic song?

I would say, it is ‘Jab se Tere Naina’ from Saawariya.

Payal Sarkar:

What does love mean to you?

It starts with friendship, then there needs to be a comfort zone when two people are in love. There should be complete understanding, trust. Basically, all these attributes should come together simultaneously, as all are inter-related. So, all will be easy in love, when you find a person who you want to be with, always.

To what extremes would you go, to get the person you love?

See, in the story, the circumstance is such that, the girl is from a very protective and conservative family, where her own brother is the biggest enemy of her lover. But in normal simple life, I believe that when a couple is truly in love, other things settle down. They do not get hyper over things and don’t react weirdly. When one believes in his/her love, then all becomes easier. The circumstances will eventually support you to reach your goal, this is what I believe.

At times, people don't marry the person they love, and the person they are married to, may not necessary fall in love with them, if something like this happens to you, what will you do?

I will never allow such a situation to creep up, where I am forced to stay with a person I am not in love with. All this is so very hypothetical, but life eventually moves on with time, and an emotional change might make the person fall in love with you. You never know, unless you face all this..

Is love something that is pre planned by destiny, or is it more about two people just 'clicking' with each other ?

I believe in destiny, and love is sure to happen only if we are destined to.

What do you prefer, a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Of course, Love marriage! Are u kidding? Who will go for arranged marriage?

What is the favorite romantic song of yours?

I cant name one, but the ones which are very close to my heart are – 'Pal Pa'l from Lage Raho, 'Everything I do , I do for you' and 'Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se' from 1942 A LoVe Story.

Stay Tuned right here to Telly Buzz, next in line might be your favorite On screen pair...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Priya Nair

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Jyoe 11 years ago wow..good to see this interview..n nice to knw more abt u mishal...u r a fantastic actor n loved u in Lovestory n loving u in LTL!!!
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jnawaz 12 years ago mishal's answers are too cute!! and that picture is very adorable! =)
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fm05 12 years ago Love Mishal's answers, he seems like a mature yet fun guy!
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Nika_d 14 years ago Though I am a great fan of the on-scrren Jodi but I just loveeeeee Mish's interview .. Its just aweeeeesome .. Thanks guys!
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sim_indian 14 years ago thank u!! i love this article..and love their jodi
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TrustYourSelf 14 years ago Oh i LOve Akash-Shruti-- Mishal-Payal jodi a lot!! And LOve stor ybelongs to my fav serials!! Haven't missed one single episode!!

Thanks for the wonderful interview!!!
I love Jabse tere naina too

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Jaslove 14 years ago wow
lovey article Di, love da pics

LS is really good show, do watch IFians :)

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ammmu 14 years ago Yayyyyyyyy, sho happy Akash and Shruti are on TB!! Their jodi is really nice, and so is the show.. thanks alot Sree di and Priya di!
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viju9383 14 years ago Thanksssss for article,they both really make lovely couple and even LOVESTORY ROCKSSSSSSSSS
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maha786 14 years ago This content is hidden.
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